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The Bike Everywhere Challenge presented by Cascade Bicycle Club and Washington Bikes is a celebration of the many ways there are to experience your world while on a bike and the teamwork it takes to keep us all rolling!

Teams of up to ten riders earn points when they ride, no matter why they ride, with whom they ride, or where they're riding to. Commute, run your errands by bike, take a ride down a county trail, or push yourself to ride farther. Support your team and they'll support you through an exciting month of riding.

The Challenge runs from May 1 - May 31, 2021, register now! To receive weekly email updates about the challenge, opt in here.

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Bike Everywhere Challenge 2021

May 1st - 31st

Starts in 19 days!

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Washington All time stats

  • 764 Workplaces
  • 26,502 People
  • 5,919 New riders
  • 22,705,007 Miles
  • 1,917,929 Rides
  • 4,707,034 lbs CO2
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