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Getting ready for Ride in the Rain this November!

Join Ride in the Rain to help get more people on bikes. It doesn't matter if you ride every day or haven't been on a bike in years, you can ride for fun or transportation any time, anywhere in November to take part!

There will be a friendly competition between teams (individuals can take part too) to get more folks riding a bike, in November. Plus there's a leaderboard for tracking and inspiring your riders!


Event status

Now complete!

Ride in the Rain 2018

  • 3,440 Participants
  • 165 New riders
  • 466,706 Miles
  • 52,950 Trips
  • 168,890 lbs CO2

Washington All time stats

  • 492 Organizations
  • 20,633 People
  • 4,581 New riders
  • 10,664,951 Miles
  • 1,026,646 Rides
  • 3,233,902 lbs CO2


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