Prize winners

Winter Wheelers winners

Early-bird registration prize winners

  • Talen C
  • Russell B 
  • Stuart M
  • Christopher L 
  • Ian D
  • Stuart P
  • A M Diggle
  • Paul C
  • Tony C
  • John W
  • Gordon M
  • John E
  • Matt H
  • Melanie U
  • Jeremy H
  • Jim H
  • Petra W

Daily winners

  • Day 1: Loffi gloves- Wayne R at Bike Revolution in Moray and Dan B at Origami Energy in Derby
  • Day 2: Proviz bundle- Pierre L at University of Sussex in Brighton
  • Day 3: Beryl laserlight- Liam C at National Oceanography Centre in Southampton
  • Day 4: $50 local bike store gift card- Terry T at Arbor Pharmaceuticals in Tampa Bay, FL
  • Day 5: Beryl laserlight- Alister M at the Met Office in Exeter
  • Day 6: Proviz Bundle - Colin J at Arm in Cambridgeshire
  • Day 7: Proviz Bundle - David W at AMP Technology Centre in South Yorkshire
  • Day 8: Beryl laserlight - Matt W at Cambridge Environmental Research Consultants in Cambridge
  • Day 9: Beryl Laserlight - Richard M at Angel Trains in Derby
  • Day 10: Loffi Gloves - Linda H at Jacobs in Devon and Benjamin H at BDP in South Yorkshire
  • Day 11: $50 LBS gift card - Sharon F in Tampa Bay
  • Day 12: Loffi Gloves - Larry N and D. M at Horizon Community College in South Yorkshire
  • Day 13: Beryl Laserlight - Pascale S at University of Sussex in Brighton
  • Day 14: Loffi Gloves - Chris W at Torbay and South Devon NHS Foundation Trust and Jeff H in Tampa Bay
  • Day 15: £500 Local bike store gift card - David C at Department for Work & Pensions in South Yorkshire
  • Day 16: Proviz bundle - Marie B at Priory Medical Group in York
  • Day 17: Proviz bundle - Anthony M at Novartis Grimsby in North East Lincolnshire
  • Day 18: $50 Local bike store gift card- Peter D in Tampa Bay
  • Day 19: Proviz bundle - Thomas L at Royal Devon and Exeter NHS Foundation Trust
  • Day 20: Loffi Gloves - Karl B at Synthomer in North East Lincolnshire and Scott G at Calderdale MBC in Leeds
  • Day 21: Beryl Laserlight - Sheena M in South Yorkshire
  • Day 22: Proviz Bundle - Bridget W at Royal Devon and Exeter NHS Foundation Trust
  • Day 23: Loffi Gloves- Jackie T at UPP Exeter and Andy K at Propellernet
  • Day 24: Proviz Bundle- Michael A in Leeds
  • Day 25: £750 Local bike store gift card- Judith L from Rolls Royce plc in Derby

Thank you to our Winter Wheelers Sponsors:

Cycle September Winners

Congratulations to Mick J from South Yorkshire who has won a £3000 Bespoke Bike from Ribble Cycles!

Congratulations to Lisa T from Oregon who has won a 7 day adventure tour from Haka Tours!

Week 4 winners:

  • Caitlin B from Ohio has won a women's Trek 7.2 Hybrid from Mellow Johnny's 
  • Patty F from Maryland and Hank H from San Francisco have won a $300 Bike Shipping Vouchers from
  • Brad W from Wisconsin has won a Epic California ride from Climate Ride
  • Amy H from Des Moines and Anan R from Oregon have won a Bontrager Ion 120/Flare light set from Mellow Johnny's 
  • Geoff H from Chicago and Howard J from Florida have won a Bontrager Velocis MIPS road helmet from Mellow Johnny's 
  • Peter S from Washington and Bill N from Portland have won a men's classic black jersey from Mellow Johnny's 
  • Maura C from Santa Cruz and Lynn S from North Carolina have won a women's classic black jersey from Mellow Johnny's 
  • Jonathan S from Maryland and Chris L from Arkansas have won a men's classic black t-shirt from Mellow Johnny's 
  • Michael R from Philly and Austin F from Santa Cruz have won an Ottolock bike lock from Mellow Johnny's 
  • Chelsea M and Kelly M from Santa Cruz have won a Smith Venture MIPS MTB helmet from Mellow Johnny's 
  • Phil G from Tennessee has won a Yakima Full-Swing Bike Rack from Rack Attack
  • The top group in the USA has won three Mellow Johnny's saddle bags (winner TBD)
  • Scott W from Worthing has won a Litelok
  • The following participants have won a Beryl laserlight
    • Matthew A from Stevenage
    • Gladys R from Santa Cruz
    • Howard D from North East Lincolnshire
    • Hayley S from Cambridgeshire 
    • Lorna P from Bury
  • The following participants have won a set of gloves from Loffi
    • Alex K from Southampton
    • Jo H from York
    • Matthew D
  • The following participants have won a Sportive jersey and shorts from Proviz:
    • Jack Z from Parramatta
    • Suzette J from Brisbane
    • Dave B from Liverpool 
    • Maggie H from Devon 
    • James C from St. Louis 
    • Kathryn S from Lawrence
  • The following participants have won a Switch gilet from Proviz:
    • Steve N from Brisbane
    • Dionne L from Gold Coast 
    • George M from Oxford 
    • Helen A from Brighton 
    • Dawn M from Oregon 
    • Philip H from Bainbridge Island

Street Team Kit winners

  • James W from Santa Cruz
  • Meesh R from Philly
  • Amy T from Santa Cruz
  • Liz R from Oregon
  • Nori L from Oregon
  • Lauren H from Philly
  • Jen M from Philly
  • George R from Santa Cruz
  • Steph S from Indiana
  • Erika M from Philly

Week 3 winners:

  • The following participants have won a Nightrider jacket from Proviz: 
    • Joe P from Lincoln
    • Pete W from Newcastle
    • Patrick C from Brisbane
    • Jane W from Watertown
    • Carol B from Leeds
    • Karen A from Brisbane
  • The following participants have won a Nightrider backpack from Proviz:
    • Ashley S from Santa Cruz
    • Joanna S from Birmingham
    • Rod W from Sunshine Coast
  • Judith R in Lancashire has won a Laserlight from Beryl lights
  • Karen L in York has won a set of gloves from Loffi
  • Peter H in Devon has won a £100 LBS voucher
  • Heather G in Lancashire has won a £100 voucher from Ethical Superstore
  • Jarnail C in Wokingham has won a £50 voucher from Velo-re
  • Nicole G in North East Lincolnshire has won a £50 voucher from Velo-re
  • Jodi G has won a £600 voucher for a local bike shop for logging a ride on Car Free Day 2019

Street Team Kit winners

  • Syd N from Santa Cruz
  • Steve S from Southampton
  • Kirk V from York
  • Steven H from York
  • Oliver T from London
  • Stephen W from Brisbane
  • Jason S from South Yorkshire
  • Greg H from Derby
  • Chris F from Santa Cruz
  • Finlay K from Cambridgeshire

Week 2 winners:

  • Adam P in Lincoln has won a Nightrider backpack from Proviz
  • Alex R in Southampton has won a Nightrider backpack from Proviz
  • Ty G in Parramatta has won a Nightrider backpack from Proviz
  • Liam A in Portland has won a Laserlight from Beryl
  • Jennifer M in Cambridge has won a set of gloves from Loffi
  • Noelle S in Bath has won a Litelok

Street Team Kit winners

  • Christine B in Cambridgeshire
  • Jo H in York
  • Darren W in Milton Keynes
  • Matthew W in York
  • Romain C in Leeds
  • Aaron H in South Yorkshire
  • Pete O in Cambridgeshire
  • Carisse G in Arcata
  • Tony G from Derby
  • Andy W from South Yorkshire

Week 1 winners:

Street Team Kit winners

  • Beatrice P in Cambridge 
  • Mat R in Derby 
  • Karen P in Lexington
  • Gavin T in Leeds
  • Meesh R in Philadelphia 
  • Jeff B in Philadelphia
  • Anton K in Doncaster
  • David F in York
  • Jason S in South Yorkshire

National Bike Challenge winners

All winners will be contacted directly by email and announced here on the site and social media. Good luck! 

Bike Month prize winners:

  • Electra step-over Townie 7D EQ bike: Jeff Bruchez
  • Smith Venture MIPS MTB Helmet: Jim Miller
  • Bontrager Flare R City Bike Light Set: Adam Bushey
  • Ottolock combination bike lock: Ka Toya Sumner
  • Mellow Johnny's saddle bag: Terrie Rosario
  • MonkeyLectric bike wheel light: Lisa Martinson

Sunski sunglasses winners

  • World Bicycle Day (3 June)
    Winner: Paul Hurd - congrats, you've won a pair of Sunski sunglasses for logging a ride on World Bicycle Day.
  • Name the Tour
    Winner: Guillermo Ledesma - you've won a pair of Sunski sunglasses for naming Tour de l'Amour.
  • Encourager, June 
    Winner: Brett Hoffman
  • Tour de l'Amour - team effort: ride 500+ miles over the weekend
    Winner: Melissa Peck

Tour de l'Amour jersey winners
Congratulation to the groups that made rode 2,150+ miles in July and won in the prize drawings! You have each won 2 cycling jerseys (1 male + 1 female) from Bell's Brewery

  • Bell's Brewery Logo Jersey 
    Winner group: US-Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson (JBER)-Club
  • Bell's Brewery Oberon Jersey
    Winner group: State of MN - MPCA
  • Bell's Brewery Two Hearted Jersey
    Winner group: Friends of Cycling in Elk Grove

Huge thanks to our amazing prize sponsors





Event status

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Winter Wheelers 2019 stats

  • 8,955 Participants
  • 229 New riders
  • 1,010,192 Miles
  • 72,825 Trips
  • 149,810 lbs CO2

USA All time stats

  • 8,108 Organizations
  • 200,964 People
  • 44,566 New riders
  • 151,052,665 Miles
  • 13,461,092 Rides
  • 14,658,850 lbs CO2
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