Tips for Regular Riders

So you already ride to work or regularly for fun and fitness? Here are a few tips to help you get the best out of your bike - and your body. 

  • Get set. When you ride far or often, having your bike properly set up is vitally important. You should have just a slight bend of the knee when at the very bottom of your pedal stroke (lean against a wall to check this). A proper bike fit session at your local bike shop will help you make sure things are good to go.

  • Stretch yourself. Literally. Flexibility helps avoid tight muscles - minimizing the risk of injury and shortening recovery time - and allows you to ride more efficiently and aerodynamically. Find out about the best stretches for cyclists here. Even if you're just riding to work or the shop, a few quick stretches can help you feel more comfortable and prevent any unnecessary injuries or wear and tear.

  • Stretch yourself. Figuratively. If you're already riding regularly you'll have a good basic level of fitness. To get even fitter and go faster and further, try incorporating intervals into your rides. Push yourself to ride as fast as you (safely) can for one minute, then give yourself a few minutes to recover before your next push. You will find that this quickly increases your average speed and develops your ability to accelerate when necessary to crest that hill or make it safely through the next set of lights.

  • Spread the love! The more people that ride, the better it is for all of us. More people riding not only improves the safety for all riders, it also helps support additional investments in bicycle infrastructure and programs (it's also just a great experience to share something you love!). If you ride regularly and you love it, help your friends, family and coworkers to discover the joys and benefits of riding a bike. Offer to go for a ride with friends on the weekend or to buddy up with a colleague to help them ride into work. For people who don't ride, traffic, Lycra and fancy bikes can be off-putting: help create a positive perception of riding in your community and your workplace by riding considerately and offering to help other people try riding a bike. Our feedback shows that new riders are often incredibly grateful that someone encouraged them to ride a bike and it can have a lasting impact on their health, wealth and happiness - so get out there and spread the love!

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The Bike Month Challenge 2023

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