Tips for Riding to Work

Dress normally - If your ride is less than 30 minutes (~4 miles), chances are you can just ride in your normal work clothes. Unless you want to ride fast, you can just cruise into work on your bike - no sweat! This will save you time and hassle, and if you find yourself a bit sweaty you might be amazed how simple it is to clean up with a few handy wipes!

Need some inspiration to ride in your normal attire? Enjoy this comic from BikeyFace, the popular and insightful cartoonist

Find the best route - Don't just take the route you would if you were in a car. Try looking for routes through quiet neighborhood streets or other parallel/alternatives routes where traffic is naturally slower and safer. Adding a little bit of distance in exchange for a more comfortable ride is almost always worth it!

Fenders – If you live somewhere prone to rain or other precipitation, fenders are a great way to protect your work clothes from dirt and rain that might get sprayed up from your wheels. You can get fenders that attach and detach if you want, but you might find they make your bike look even classier!

Use a pannier - Make use of the bike to carry your belongings rather than a backpack - freeing up your back will make you more agile, keep your back comfortable, and make it easier to carry items at a whim. You'd be impressed what you can easily carry with a bike!

Carrying your work clothes? Pro tip: roll rather than fold them and avoid creases.

Keep your cool - Learn to keep calm and not to react to angry or impatient drivers-keeping a cool head will maximize your safety and make the commute less stressful and in the end a much better experience.

Ride with confidence - Don't worry about holding up other traffic. Being more visible and taking a primary position is the best way to stay safe. Only let people pass when you feel safe (the law is on your side!)

Bike Buddy – One thing you can do that is guaranteed to make your bike commute a better experience is to find someone to share it with you! Even if you just meet up halfway, having someone else to share the joys and experiences of the road with can make bike commuting feel like your on an adventure and not headed to/from work!

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