Prize Winners

Congratulations to the following individuals - for riding, or encouraging someone else to ride this Cycle September, you have won a prize from our national prizes pot!

Drumroll please...

National Bike Challenge - Cycle September winners

Final Winners:

  • REFLECT360 Gilet - Chris Bellwood from Lincoln
  • REFLECT360 Gloves - Yoseph Maguire from Washington
  • REFLECT360 Helmet covers - JJ Spoerke from Madison
  • navigation bell - Katie Marticke from Atlanta
  • navigation bell - Jason Strohbehn from Lincoln
  • 2 night stay with Buffalo lodge - Chris Dressel
  • $200 voucher for Vespertine - Jeremiah Paschke Wood from Tucson
  • choice of bag from PoCampo - Nathan Boon from Philly
  • choice of bag from PoCampo - Keith Keller from Fox Valley
  • $200 Local bike shop voucher - John Wan from Bay Area
  • pair of jeans from swve - Donald Littlefield
  • pair of jeans from swve - Aaron Qiu
  • pair of jeans from swve - Michael Childs from Tampa
  • pair of jeans from swve - Mike Morrin from Houston
  • helmet from Thousand - Dominik Hartleb from Boulder
  • helmet from Thousand - Craig Priebe
  • Bontrager Flare City Lights - Andre Theus from Santa Barbara
  • Bontrager Flare City Lights - Chrissy Barnhardt from Lincoln
  • Bontrager Shoppers - Charles O'Hern from Washington
  • Ortlieb gravel pack - J P Dewhirst
  • Tifosi Sunglasses - Loyola Amalraj from Bay Area

Week 4:

  • navigation bell from Blubel: Jon Howell from Austin
  • helmet from Thousand: Grace Clegg from Washington dc

Week 3:

  • navigation bell from Blubel: Dominique Bechle
  • Bontrager Shoppers from Mellow Johnny's: Mari Mock
  • Tifosi Sunglasses from Mellow Johnny's: William Dudley
  • REFLECT360 Jacket from Proviz: Doc Grimes
  • REFLECT360 overtrousers: Brian Miller
  • REFLECT360 overshoes: Karsten Thompson
  • Bontranger Flare City Lights from Mellow Johnnys: Tracey Mc Millian

Week 2:

  • REFLECT360 Jacket from Proviz: John Carr from Indy
  • REFLECT360 gilet: Elaine Lyte 
  • REFLECT360 overtrousers: Marcus Powers from Lincoln
  • REFLECT360 gloves: Richard Ellson from Bay Area
  • REFLECT360 helmet covers: Brian Highland from Boulder
  • REFLECT360 overshoes: Doreen Odonovan from Santa Cruz
  • Bontrager Flare City Lights from Mellow Johnny's: Lauren Howard from Philly

We'll get the Proviz gear to you in October, so you have it in time for the start of winter!

Not on the list?
We're drawing prizes weekly, make sure you've logged a ride to be included in the next prize draw.

National Bike Challenge - May Winners

  • $1,000 local bike shop voucher: Lauren Johnson
  • 2 night stay at Buffalo Lodge Bicycle Resort in Colorado Springs: Mike Parelskin
  • Vespertine Reflective Fashion: Ken Blauvelt
  • Po Campo Bags: Nancy Nix
  • $250 local bike shop voucher: Ed Campos
  • One of five pairs of swrve commuter denim jeans: Gene Taylor

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Cycle September stats

  • 492 Organizations
  • 18,197 Participants
  • 1,126 New riders
  • 3,392,463 Miles
  • 263,445 Trips
  • 472,670 lbs CO2
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