National Prizes

Due to delays as a result of COVID-19 we're still in the process of confirming even more prizes for the National Bike Challenge. Stay tuned for updates!

Get in touch if you're interested in sponsoring a prize for the National Bike Challenge 2020 and reaching thousands of riders across the USA.

Bike Month Prizes 

A brand new bike!

How to enter: Log a ride any time in May for your chance to win a new bike! 

Winner announced: June 1

1x Po Campo Pannier and 1x Chelsea Trunk Bag

The Bergen Pannier 2 is the ideal bike commuter bag while the Chelsea Trunk Bag converts into a cross body bag to carry with you throughout the day. 

How to enter: Set yourself a goal and achieve it to be entered to win

Winners announced: June 1  

Po Campo Pannier Bag  Po Campo Chelsea Trunk Bag

3x biking kits from Street Team

The Street Team Cycling kit is packed full of cycling equipment chosen by cyclists, for cyclists. 

How to enter: Set a goal on your profile

Winners announced: May 28



A silver-standard LiteLok 

We have a Litelok Silver to give away! LiteLok Silver is the world’s lightest secure bike lock range ever made. It is 40-50% lighter than equivalent U/D locks, chains and armoured cables and it's flexible, allowing you to secure your bike to more places than other rigid locks.

How to enter: log at least 1 ride during Bike Month 

Winner announced: June 1


2x Reflective Nightrider backpacks from Proviz

We’ve partnered with Proviz since 2016 and have kitted out many lucky Love to Riders in their quality cycling gear. We’ve got our hands on their latest, greatest kit. You can win one of two Nightrider backpacks (10 litres).

How to enter: log at least 1 ride during Bike Month 

Winners announced: June 1


3x Pair of Loffi gloves

Loffi's amazing gloves promote fun, friendliness and positive communication between road users - which is what we're all about. Plus Loffi share our aim of getting more people on bikes, so we're delighted to be teaming up with them to support and incentivise riders and friendly communities. We have 3 pairs to give away! Everyone who logs at least 5 rides will go into the draw for a pair of Gloves. Help make a wave for cycling and #spreadtheglove

How to enter: log at least 5 rides during Bike Month 

Winner announced: June 1


National Bike Challenge Prizes

Monthly Prizes from Po Campo 

June: 2x Kent Sling Handlebar Bags and 1x Chelsea Trunk Bag

As versatile as it gets, the Kent Sling Handlebar bag can be worn as a sling or waist bag and the Chelsea Trunk Bag is designed to sit elegantly and securely on the top of your rear bike rack and converts into a cross body bag to carry with you throughout the day. 

How to win: TBD

Winners announced: TBD


July: 3x Hudson Saddle Bags 

This under-saddle bike bag holds fast to your bike with super strong straps and can be carried off the bike with its wristlet strap or waistband clip. Inside the bag is a pocket for keeping your bike tools and valuables organized.

How to win: TBD

Winners announced: TBD


August: 2x Kent Sling Handlebar bags

As versatile as it gets, the Kent Sling Handlebar bag can be worn as a sling or waist bag and attaches to any bike or scooter handlebar while on the go.

How to win: TBD  

Winners announced: TBD


Cycle September: 1x Bergen Pannier2, 1x Irving Backpack Pannier 2, 2x Hudson Saddle Bags, 2x Kent Sling Handlebar Bags

This array of functional and sustainable bags features innovative attachments, waterproofed fabrics, stylish reflective details, and lots of pockets for shoulder straps, new waterproofing features as well as sustainable and stylish fabrics. Po Campo’s line of bags carry what you need on and off your bike or  with style and ease.

How to win: TBD

Winners announced: TBD



Cycle September: VAAST Bikes Allroad A/1

About the Allroad 
The Allroad Model A/1 is designed for gravel, dirt, pavement, mud, and all other types of adventure roads. Everything has been designed to create a machine you won’t want to put down—weight reduction, durable components, option to run 650b or 700c wheel sizes, corrosion-proof inner and outer tube coating and a superior fit. All of these advantages are carefully engineered to achieve lightweight ride longevity and minimal maintenance and a ride feel that will drive you to roam farther across every terrain.

Why you will love this bike
- It's made using Allite® Super Magnesium™ 
- Ride performance is optimized by using components from the most trusted brands in the industry, like Shimano, SRAM, Stans, WTB and Maxxis 
- Available in two specifications: 650B wheelset or 700C wheelset

Learn more at


How to enter:

Winners announced: During Cycle September

2 x Commuter Bundlers from Cycl 

Cycl are on a mission for safer and greener urban mobility. Log a ride for a chance to win an awesome prize bundle of WingLights indicators for your bike and a FaceGuard Pollution Scarf.

Cycl have also offered everyone who takes part 15% off a set of WingLights. Just visit and use code LOVETORIDEUSA at checkout!

How to enter: Log a ride

Winners announced: June 15 and September 15



3 x $150 gift certificates from Walnut Studiolo

Walnut Studiolo craft modern designs by hand in their Oregon workshop. Encourage another rider to take part in National Bike Month for your chance to win a $150 gift certificate to spend on their eye catching products.

Walnut Studiolo have also offered everyone who takes part 10% off all cycling products. Just visit and use code LOVE2RIDE at checkout - but hurry this offer expires on June 30!

How to win: Encourage someone to take part

Winners announced: June 17, July 17, August 17 


2020 Bike Month

May 1st - 31st

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2020 Bike Month stats

  • 18,954 Participants
  • 1,245 New riders
  • 3,332,874 Miles
  • 177,728 Trips
  • 730,030 lbs CO2

USA All time stats

  • 9,375 Organizations
  • 211,249 People
  • 48,042 New riders
  • 160,047,621 Miles
  • 14,182,837 Rides
  • 32,585,069 lbs CO2
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