We have a whole host of leaderboards that you can enjoying competing on!


Individual leaderboards

  • Top Commuter - Most Commute Days
  • Top Commuter - Most Commute Miles
  • Top Rider - Most Miles - female
  • Top Rider - Most Miles - male
  • Top New Rider - Most Miles - female
  • Top New Rider - Most Miles - male

Filters: Location (State, USA, Global); time period (Month, May-Sept, Year); workplace.

Check out Individual leaderboards here

Group leaderboards (social riding groups/cycling clubs)

Monthly leaderboards:

  • Most Miles
  • Most Rides
  • Most Commute Days
  • Most Commute Miles
  • Most Riders (who've logged a ride)
  • Most Day Riden 

Filters: Location (State, USA, global); size category

Check out Group leaderboards here

Workplaces (during Bike Month and Cycle September)

Point-based leaderboards are divided across 7 staff size categories: 

  • 2000+ 
  • 500-1999
  • 200-499
  • 50-199
  • 20-49
  • 7-19
  • 3-6

Filters: Location (State, USA, global); size category; Industry.

Companies compete on industry leaderboards as well. Will your company win in your industry either in your state or nationally?!

Workplace leaderboards will activate when Bike Month begins on May 1st and when Cycle September begins on September 1st - check them out here during these periods

Community leaderboards

  • State vs State
  • Local Area vs Local Area

Filters: size category

Check out State leaderboards here and Cities leaderboards here

USA All time stats

  • 10,155 Workplaces
  • 144,080 People
  • 30,881 New riders
  • 176,012,747 Miles
  • 12,986,619 Rides
  • 17,807,990 lbs CO2
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