Improvements to the National Bike Challenge in 2019

Changes from last year

Team sizes

Last year: Teams were limited to 8 riders.

This year: Teams can be any size (the leaderboards will have size categories to level the playing field so big teams won’t compete against smaller teams :-)

Team challenge availability

Last year: The Team's functionality (team profile pages/stats and leaderboards) were only available in the May Team Challenge.

This year: You can form a team anytime, you can decide which month(s) you want to really compete in, you can see your team’s performance by month and for the whole May-September period. You can even continue riding with your team after the Challenge ends (the ‘Teams’ are part of our new ‘Clubs and Groups’ feature which is year-round).

NB. You can join/create a team for this year's challenge by pressing the 'Join Group' link on your profile. 

Team leaderboards - ranking system

Last year: Teams competed for points and the leaderboard ranked teams by most points.

This year: There are now four different leaderboards that teams can compete on (most miles, most rides, most commutes, most commute miles) - you can choose which to really go for (or you can go for them all). 

Team leaderboards - filters

Last year: your team was put on one leaderboard with 10 other teams in a pool.

This year: you can filter the Team Leaderboards by size of team and state, so you can see how other teams of a similar size in your state compare to your team on the four different leaderboards mentioned above. You can also see national and community rankings.

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