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Mesa County Biking

Encouraging Mesa County residents to get out and bike! Whether you bike for leisure, commute to work, or bike for transportation to your favorite destinations, Mesa County wants to encourage you to keep pedaling.

Our Goal: cycle 2500 miles by 31st October 2020
Goal Completed
Goal Completed

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Cycle September 2020 stats

  • 812 Organizations
  • 17,600 Participants
  • 1,356 New riders
  • 3,128,319 Miles
  • 183,639 Trips
  • 120,383 lbs CO2

USA All time stats

  • 14,715 Organizations
  • 234,773 People
  • 52,852 New riders
  • 190,930,758 Miles
  • 15,977,052 Rides
  • 30,579,919 lbs CO2