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Well done!

The 2018 National Bike Challenge was a big success! 43,179 people saddled up and rode over 20 million miles throughout the National Bike Challenge.

And during Cycle September 495 businesses across the country stepped up to their commitment to making their companies happier, healthier and more productive by signing up for Love to Ride for Business.  

At Love to Ride, we know biking means business. More and more organizations just like yours are finding out for themselves how biking programs can impact the bottom line with real health savings and productivity gains. 

Read more about Love to Ride for Business here.

We want to thank 3M and our other sponsors and partners for supporting this year’s challenge and proving that biking does mean business.

We'll see you next year!


Cycle September stats

  • 492 Organizations
  • 18,311 Participants
  • 1,126 New riders
  • 3,391,319 Miles
  • 263,365 Trips
  • 473,141 lbs CO2


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