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It’s the Bike Month Challenge!

This May is all about sharing your love of biking. Join forces with others to ride in teams, encourage new riders, climb leaderboards and even win prizes like a new bike worth $1,500!

Once you’ve registered, create or join a team and hop on your bike. Go team!

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The Bike Month Challenge 2022

May 1st - 31st

Ends in 15 days!

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The Bike Month Challenge 2022

  • 2,978 Workplaces
  • 17,772 Riders
  • 1,156 New riders
  • 1,904,622 Miles
  • 119,651 Trips
  • 143,847 lb CO2

USA All time stats

  • 10,761 Workplaces
  • 153,630 People
  • 32,714 New riders
  • 188,890,567 Miles
  • 13,771,754 Rides
  • 18,557,697 lb CO2
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