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Winter Wheelers is here!

There’s no need to put your bike away during winter! In fact, every day you ride until 24th December is a fantastic opportunity to win amazing prizes.

All you have to do to take part in Winter Wheelers is register and log a ride. Once that’s done, you’re automatically entered to win!

Now let’s pop a mince pie in our panniers and show that bike riding is a year-round activity!

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We did it! Over 1 million miles have been ridden for transportation. 🎉 You’ve shown that change is more than #BikePossible, so we’ve added a stretch target. Let’s go for gold and ride 1,500,000 miles! Find out more

1,295,955 miles down, 204,045 miles to go!


Winter Wheelers 2021 - USA

December 1st - 25th

Ends in 16 days!

To register:

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Winter Wheelers 2021 - USA

  • 1,271 Workplaces
  • 5,513 Participants
  • 110 New riders
  • 291,799 Miles
  • 18,332 Trips
  • 18,460 lbs CO2

USA All time stats

  • 10,128 Workplaces
  • 143,894 People
  • 30,840 New riders
  • 173,216,903 Miles
  • 12,824,863 Rides
  • 17,697,298 lbs CO2
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