Here are some ideas on how to let staff know about Love to Ride.

Talk to people

Remember, all they have to do is cycle for 10 minutes to count towards your teams participation. That includes 5 mile rides to work, 25 mile leisure rides or even a quick 10 minute nip around your work car park!

Send emails or post on your intranet

Click here for some draft text you can use.

Staff Health & Well-Being programmes

Talk to your HR team and see whether they can promote the challenge through their internal health and well-being programmes at work. Ask if they can help send the information to all staff and support the challenge through activities and incentives.

Send out materials

Make sure everyone knows about the opportunity, see the materials you can share and send here.

Target Regular Cyclists

Who already cycles? These are the first people to talk to about Love to Ride and invite to register. The website is a great tool for them to record their cycling and set personal goals.

They'll help you get more people involved.

Announce at staff meetings

Take a laptop, show people the website, prizes, which businesses are competing and get them registered. The more people involved, the more fun it will be.

Offer a company prize

To give staff an incentive to get involved in the office and compete against each other, you could offer a prize for the staff member who encourages the most people to participate or even make a random draw for every person who participates. Low cost prizes could include:

  • An afternoon off work for free (no annual leave etc used - you may need HRs help with this one)
  • Coffee delivered to the winners desk every day for a week - best if you can get a senior staff member to make the deliveries!
  • Offer a Golden Locker for a year - if your office has lockers in the end of trip facilities, arrange to offer the prime positioned locker to the winner for a year (or set amount of time) and decorate it to signify it's importance. Perhaps you could include a monogrammed towel and some shower products in the locker for the winner
  • Put on morning tea for the department that has the highest percent of participation
  • Create a perpetual trophy that can move around the office for the person who has encouraged the most, or ridden the furthest, or to the team with the highest participation each week

Hold an event

Here are some ideas on getting your colleagues together:

  • Arrange a bike breakfast - check out our top tips here
  • Lunch time rides
  • Cycle obstacle course
  • Bike egg and spoon race
  • Friday social ride to the pub

Take advantage of the weekends! 

 Encourage your staff to hire a bike on weekends, away from the hustle and bustle of the city. It's a fun activity for the whole family and participants can ride anywhere, any time for the challenge, even internationally. All they have to do is log their ride on the website.

Get your bosses on board

Ask them to register and help set an example - if they are taking part others will too!

Be prepared for events

Please review this checklist of things you can take care of before one of our challenges begin.

Ride to Work Week 2020

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Love to Ride UK all time stats

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  • 235,911 People
  • 45,273 New riders
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