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Thanks for taking part in Ride it Out

18,881 people took part in Ride it Out in March. Altogether you biked 2,948,982 and saved 167,634 lbs of CO2! 🚲💚🌏

This isn’t the end - you can use the Love to Ride website to keep logging rides, tracking your progress and setting goals all year round. 

Next up is Bike Month in June. Take a breather and get ready to get back in the saddle for another round of friendly competition and prizes. 

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Event status

Now complete!

Ride It Out

  • 818 Workplaces
  • 18,878 Participants
  • 938 New riders
  • 2,948,031 Miles
  • 191,593 Trips
  • 167,813 lbs CO2

Love to Ride UK all time stats

  • 18,810 Workplaces
  • 269,033 People
  • 54,573 New riders
  • 275,917,539 Miles
  • 18,832,312 Rides
  • 35,972,005 lbs CO2
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