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We believe life is much better when you are healthy, happy, and connected to the people and places around you. Riding a bike has so many benefits to us individually, to our communities, and our world. We know how good it feels to ride and we want more people to experience this feeling. Love to Ride makes it easy and fun for us to encourage our friends, family and colleagues to ride. 

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Cycle September 2018 stats

  • 1,108 Organisations
  • 18,833 Participants
  • 1,442 New riders
  • 2,788,242 Miles
  • 250,370 Trips
  • 629,100 lbs CO2

Love to Ride UK all time stats

  • 7,593 Organisations
  • 127,681 People
  • 25,775 New riders
  • 63,075,401 Miles
  • 5,287,784 Rides
  • 1,646,003 lbs CO2


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