Ride to Work Week, 25-31 March

Get ready for our first event of 2019 - Ride to Work Week!

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What's it all about?

Riding to work, or part of the way, has significant benefits that will make you happier, healthier and wealthier. 

More people riding to work reduces: 

  • illness and sick leave - cycle commuters are fitter and healthier, taking half the sick leave of their non-cycling colleagues
  • stress and anxiety - people who ride to work regularly report improved mental health
  • the cost of commuting - the average UK worker spends £146 monthly, or £135,000 over their working life
  • the cost of public health - the NHS could save billions through reduced obesity, diabetes and heart disease
  • congestion and pollution, which contributes to 40,000 premature deaths annually in the UK

Commuting by bike has many benefits for individuals, organisations and society - plus it's great fun! Join us to reboot your commute and discover the joys and benefits of commuting by bike! 

Want to convince your employer that it's a good idea for them to promote cycling at the workplace? This factsheet explains the benefits to them.

What can I win?

We have amazing prizes up for grabs - participants in all our funded areas and at organisations registered with our Love to Ride for Business programme can win amazing prizes. The theme this year is #GoDutch - so the top prizes are a Babboe cargo bike and a trip for two to the Netherlands! We're also giving away lots of £100 local bike shop vouchers and fantastic Loffi Gloves - check out the prizes page to see all the prizes!

ALL Ride to Work Week participants will receive exclusive discount codes for £150 off a Babboe bike and 20% of Loffi Gloves.

How to go into the draw

Every day you log a ride to work from 25-31 March you’ll go into our daily draw. Log your ride before midday the following day to go into the prize draw - winners will be announced on Twitter and Facebook at 3pm daily.

Log your ride on your Love to Ride profile, or sync with Ride Report to automatically be entered into the prize draw every time you ride to work!

If you are using a third-party app such as Ride Report or Strava, make sure you login on the site and set your trip purpose to 'transport to or from work' to ensure you go into the draw.

Buddy up!

Not confident enough to ride to work on your own? See if a colleague will ride in with you.

Or are you a seasoned commuter with knowledge and experience to share? Spread the love by offering to accompany a colleague for their first ride to work.

Spread the love!

Love to Ride is all about getting more people on bikes. Check out our Resources page for lots of useful content to copy, paste and share - helping others to discover the joys and benefits of cycling is as simple as a few clicks of your mouse...

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Year-round programme of events

Ride to Work Week is the first in our year-round programme of events! Learn more about the events we've lined up for 2019 below.

Bike Week (8-16 June)

Bike Week is a great opportunity for organisations to build their teams ahead of our main event, Cycle September. 

Bike Week is organised by our partners at Cycling UK. As the national cycling awareness raising week, Bike Week encourages ‘everyday cycling for everyone'. Each year over half a million people join events, rediscover cycling and rethink everyday journeys by switching to cycling as a convenient way to get around. It's great time to try riding, prepare yourself and encourage colleagues to go for a ride with you. 

Cycle September

Cycle September is our flagship workplace challenge and it takes place in the month of September. Workplaces compete against each other to see which can encourage most staff to try riding bikes. 

Workplaces compete in different size categories based on the number of staff and the offices that come out on top will win prizes at the end of the month. In 2018, we introduced global leaderboards and they're back in 2019! You will be able to see how your company ranks locally, nationally and globally.

You can join or create a workplace profile here. 

Winter Wheelers (1-25 December) 

Winter Wheelers is our advent calendar and takes place between 1-25 December. We want to help, incentivise and encourage you to keep riding once the summer is behind us. Cycling over the winter months is great way to go outside, get exercise and feel happy and healthy as the days get shorter. 

We're giving away prizes from our awesome sponsors every day of Winter Wheelers. The more you ride, the more chances you have of winning!

Ride to Work Week 2019

March 25th - 31st

Ends in 7 days!


Ride to Work Week 2019 stats

  • 287 Organisations
  • 1,525 Participants
  • 38 New riders
  • 11,722 Miles
  • 1,624 Trips
  • 8,843 lbs CO2

Love to Ride UK all time stats

  • 7,989 Organisations
  • 131,380 People
  • 26,521 New riders
  • 90,417,608 Miles
  • 6,147,899 Rides
  • 1,947,677 lbs CO2
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