It's time to have some fun!

As you may already know, riding a bike is awesome!  

You feel great, it’s good for you, and it’s fun!

You’re invited to take part in Cycle September - a free online bike challenge to encourage more people to ride more often.

You can win one of 500 prizes by taking part - simply ride anywhere, anytime in September. 

You can also compete on a range of leaderboards - from most bike rides to workplace vs workplace leaderboards. 

Register today and go into the prize draw!


Cycle September 2022

  • 4,873 Workplaces
  • 23,248 Riders
  • 1,349 New riders
  • 3,411,852 Miles
  • 261,083 Trips
  • 396,623 lb CO2

Cycle September 2022 Registrations

  • 1,437 Workplaces
  • 30,293 People
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