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Get Ready for Ride to Work Week!

Riding to work is good for you, your wallet and the environment - plus you could win great prizes by taking part in March!

Register here and set a goal for how much you plan to ride over the next few weeks and read these tips to help you get started.

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Event status

Now complete!

Winter Wheelers 2019 stats

  • 13,116 Participants
  • 349 New riders
  • 1,268,057 Miles
  • 120,875 Trips
  • 392,910 lbs CO2

Love to Ride UK all time stats

  • 13,177 Organisations
  • 270,856 People
  • 53,070 New riders
  • 215,721,253 Miles
  • 16,749,809 Rides
  • 20,446,859 lbs CO2


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