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The 2019 Tahoe Bike Challenge is now over. Congrats to everyone who participated! Check the leaderboards to celebrate the winners.

Keep on riding through the summer! Bike to work, school, and for fun. We'll see you back here for the 2020 Tahoe Bike Challenge. Love to Ride also has it's biggest challenge coming up:

Cycle September – The Global Bike Challenge 

Love to Ride’s biggest biking event of the year - Cycle September - is a massive global competition to see who can earn the most points by riding and encouraging others to ride. With business and individual and team leader board, new Head-to-Head challenge features, this Cycle September is designed for more healthy competition for a healthier world.


Event status

Now complete!

Cycle September USA

  • 0 Organizations
  • 69 Participants
  • 0 New riders
  • 7,028 Miles
  • 552 Trips
  • 148 lbs CO2

Cycle September USA stats

  • 278 Organizations
  • 21,955 Participants
  • 1,205 New riders
  • 4,021,317 Miles
  • 283,452 Trips
  • 493,043 lbs CO2

USA All time stats

  • 8,022 Organizations
  • 225,950 People
  • 50,299 New riders
  • 160,150,660 Miles
  • 14,440,709 Rides
  • 9,634 lbs CO2


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