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The Love to Ride Somerset Bike Challenge begins June 1st!

The Love to Ride Somerset Bike Challenge is a free, community-wide event for new and existing riders to celebrate the benefits of biking. We ride solo or with our family, but come together virtually with neighbors, friends and coworkers to support and inspire each other.  Participate as an individual, or on a workplace, school, community or social group team. Create a team profile to boost morale, focus on health, and stay connected while we're apart.

RideWise began its Let’s Ride! Events in May to encourage solo/family biking in Somerset County (and where Somerset County employees work from home).  We support our communities (and beyond!) in promoting safe, responsible bike riding for fun, fitness and transportation within COVID-19 guidelines.

Let's Keep Riding!


2020 Bike Month

May 1st - 31st

Ends in 2 days!

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Somerset County Registrations 2020

  • 55 People

2020 Bike Month stats

  • 19,026 Participants
  • 1,251 New riders
  • 3,406,032 Miles
  • 182,288 Trips
  • 93 lbs CO2

Somerset County All time stats

  • 12 Organizations
  • 64 People
  • 14 New riders
  • 43,405 Miles
  • 2,109 Rides
  • 2,211 lbs CO2


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