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Dominican Hospital

Our Goal: cycle 6000 miles by 31st May 2021
Goal Completed
Goal Completed

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Team Members

Name Department Signed Up Trips Miles
Hari Bartlett PACU Not Signed-up yet 412 2,007
MaryAnne Kramer Urner Acute Rehabilitation Unit Not Signed-up yet 399 5,144
Gregory Whitley Emergency Not Signed-up yet 375 8,164
Aaron Johnson Rapid Response Team Not Signed-up yet 298 3,926
Eric Hand Not Signed-up yet 294 2,047
Alicia Stanton Laboratory Not Signed-up yet 208 1,723
Joanne Noce Not Signed-up yet 201 1,589
Eric Williams ICU Not Signed-up yet 179 4,643
Laura Mitchler TCU Not Signed-up yet 175 1,561
Hilary Herd Rehab Services Not Signed-up yet 163 1,367

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