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Just keep riding!

Cycling might have been your breakthrough activity this past year. So by now, you’ve got the inside scoop: biking relieves stress, gets your heart pumping, reduces local emissions, and is essentially DIY therapy. The point now is to get yourself on two wheels and just keep riding. And you have no bigger champion than the team at Ecology Action! We want to get you stoked with a steady stream of amazing events, rad prizes, online tools, and big doses of encouragement to keep you riding this year and beyond. We have momentum—let’s sustain it! 

Santa Cruz Bike Challenge is back! Register and ride during the month of May for a chance to win a $100 gift card every Friday, and increase your chance at the $1,000 individual cash prize. Find out all the ways to WIN, here!


Bike Month Challenge - 2021

May 1st - 31st

Ends in 14 days!

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Bike Month Challenge - 2021
Santa Cruz

  • 86 Workplaces
  • 899 Participants
  • 42 New riders
  • 72,478 Miles
  • 6,212 Trips
  • 8,382 lbs CO2

Santa Cruz All time stats

  • 188 Workplaces
  • 3,188 People
  • 433 New riders
  • 2,040,854 Miles
  • 167,664 Rides
  • 216,540 lbs CO2
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