National Bike Challenge prizes

Special thanks to Mellow Johnny's Bike Shop for supporting the National Bike Challenge.

How do I win? Every ride you log on your profile during the National Bike Challenge gives you an entry into the raffle prize drawings.

The more you ride, the more changes you have of winning! 

Sunski Sunglasses

Sunski makes polarized sunglasses out of recycled plastic with a lifetime warranty. Their lens replacement program will keep your shades looking fresh if your lenses ever scratch, furthering the lifetime of your shades. Sunski is a proud member of 1% for the planet, where a portion of their sales goes to environmental non-profits. Based in a San Francisco beach house. Established in 2012.


We will be giving away 10 pairs of Sunski Sunglasses throughout June, July and August! 

Tour de...?

Name the tour & win a pair of Sunski sunglasses! 
We’re celebrating July - the month in the middle of the Challenge - with our own #TourdeFrance but we need a name! Send us your tour name and you could win a pair of sustainable Sunski sunglasses. Comment on Instagram: @lovetorideusa or Facebook: @lovetorideusa or send your suggestion to

OTTOLOCK Steel & Kevlar Combination Bike Lock

  • Lightweight & Compact – Weighs only 175 to 260 grams. Much lighter than a U-lock. Coils to a diameter under 3 inches. So light and portable you won’t even know you are carrying it. Keep it in your saddle bag, backpack, in your pocket, or on your bike.
  • Materials– Made with multi-layer steel and Kevlar bands. Coated in anti-scratch Santoprene plastic.

Thanks to Mellow Johnny's Bike Shop for this prize.

Score a Saddle Bag

Everyone needs a saddle pack, so why not have the only one with the Mellow Johnny's logo? Utilizes a three point hook and loop system to keep it secure on those rough rides. And it weighs only three ounces and with 39 cubic inches of space, so you can easily stash a tube, tools, CO2 cartridge, etc. Made in USA by Inertia Designs.

Bell's Brewery Cycling Jerseys

Bell's Brewery is passionate about supporting the bike community and have kindly sponsored some high-quality cycling jerseys:  

Besides nutrition, plenty of water and probably your bike, what’s the other critical piece of gear you need for your next Tour de Awesome? If you answered our cycling jersey, you’re already way ahead of the pack. Durable, lightweight fabric delivers moisture management and comfort for both long hauls and casual coasts. Now hammer it. That century isn’t going to ride itself.

Throughout the summer, we're giving away a Men's and a Women's cycling jersey in each of the three designs pictured above (Bell’s logo, Oberon cycling jersey and a Two Hearted jersey).

Material, features & fit: 

  • MicroPoly (Italy) Fabric. A durable, lightweight fabric designed to offer moisture management and comfort for both casual and endurance cycling activities. High quality full length zipper.
  • 3-pouch rear elastic pockets on men’s, 2-pouch rear elastic pockets on women’s
  • Fit: Short Sleeve Club Cut style is a more relaxed fit and sizing is similar to regular t-shirt sizes

Huge thanks to Bell's Brewery for sponsoring these awesome jerseys

15 for 15 😎

Log 15 trips in June and earn 15% off Sunski sunglasses 

We're excited to offer an exclusive 15% discount code to Sunski for everyone that log at least 15 trips in June. All trips count: ride to work, to pick up groceries, to the ice cream shop or just for fun! Log rides on your profile here

The discount codes will be sent to you with a direct message. Now, get out and spin those wheels! 

Interested in sponsoring a prize?

If you're interested in sponsoring a prize for the National Bike Challenge and reach thousands of riders across the country then get in touch.

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  • 118,313 Miles
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  • 34,749 lbs CO2

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  • 1,691 People
  • 236 New riders
  • 410,388 Miles
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  • 73,872 lbs CO2
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