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What are your #RideResolutions?

Start 2021 with a bang and set some #RideResolutions on Love to Ride.

Whether you want to ride off 100 slices of cake, save 200lbs of carbon or ride 2,021 miles this year, you can set and share your goals right now.

Take a look at our Tips for Setting Great Goals post and set a goal that’s right for you. 

Thanks to everyone who took part in Winter Wandlerland Week with the San Diego County Bicycle Coalition! Head to the Bike Coalition's facebook page to see their Joy Ride 2020 Photos!

#LifeByBike is the San Diego County Bicycle Coalition’s motto. Bicycling is a healthy, affordable, and environmentally friendly form of transportation and recreation. We believe riding a bike should be accessible to everyone who wants to ride, wherever their destination and whatever their purpose.  Join us, it’s free! We need every voice to help build a safer bicycle network and share in the fun of living a bicycle lifestyle.

Follow San Diego County Bicycle Coalition on FacebookInstagram and Twitter for local updates and Love to Ride on FacebookInstagram and Twitter for NBC updates!


Cycle September San Diego County
San Diego County

  • 0 Organizations
  • 325 Participants
  • 16 New riders
  • 49,197 Miles
  • 2,537 Trips
  • 1,401 lbs CO2

San Diego County, CA All time stats

  • 122 Organizations
  • 1,394 People
  • 183 New riders
  • 1,296,673 Miles
  • 73,867 Rides
  • 97,942 lbs CO2


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