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The Tour de Redmond is being extended until October 14!

This year's Tour de Redmond is going to look a little different. We have two challenges to engage riders of all ages and abilities. A Teams challenge and a photo challenge! You can participate in just one or both.

Tour de Redmond Teams Challenge  (September 1st - October 14th)

The Tour de Redmond is all about encouraging new people to try getting around on two wheels. Create a team of up to 10 of your friends, family, or colleagues. For each day one of your team members rides, you’ll get a point. Team members of the teams with the most points will be enter to win gift cards to local Redmond businesses.

Tour de Redmond Scavenger Hunt Weekly Photo Challenge (September 1st -30th)

Not interested in racking up the miles or days on your bike? No worries! We've got a competition for you. Participate in our photo challenge to ride back to Redmond and support your local favorite businesses!

Each week we'll encourage Tour de Redmond riders to try a different trail in Redmond. Along each route, rack up points for your team, participate in our photo scavenger hunt, and visit the local businesses along each trail. Share them with us on TwitterFacebook and Instagram with #TourDeRedmond. 

Thanks to our leading supporter Microsoft for powering this year's Tour!

Read more about how to participate here.


Tour de Redmond 2020

September 1st - October 14th 2020

Ends in 13 days!

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Tour de Redmond 2020

  • 12 Organizations
  • 192 Participants
  • 9 New riders
  • 24,618 Miles
  • 1,405 Trips
  • 618 lbs CO2

Redmond All time stats

  • 40 Organizations
  • 1,101 People
  • 207 New riders
  • 1,543,360 Miles
  • 113,366 Rides
  • 351,416 lbs CO2


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