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Team Members

Name Department Signed Up Trips Miles
Marta Buechler Not Signed-up yet 53 153
Jeffrey Isaacson Not Signed-up yet 48 328
Kristin Maguire Not Signed-up yet 18 223
Michele Mangan Not Signed-up yet 17 86
Ben Coleman Not Signed-up yet 15 348
Pj Brogan Not Signed-up yet 7 61
Rebekeh Packer Not Signed-up yet 0 0

Office Members

Name Department Last login
Rebekeh Packer about 2 months Encourage

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  • 195 Organizations
  • 2,183 People
  • 439 New riders
  • 2,017,518 Miles
  • 150,807 Rides
  • 205,717 lbs CO2


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