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Team Members

Name Department Signed Up Trips Miles
Rueben Das Pathology and Laboratory Medicine Not Signed-up yet 1281 4,720
Andrea Mules Penn Museum Not Signed-up yet 1105 6,895
Dana Berkowitz Penn Libraries Not Signed-up yet 998 1,925
Rom Wadehra Not Signed-up yet 755 22,690
Monica Kramer Gyuriska Not Signed-up yet 597 912
Mark Mumbauer Perelman School of Medicine Not Signed-up yet 497 4,558
Jenny Kraft Penn internal medicine Not Signed-up yet 463 759
Lékan Mólú Penn Medicine Not Signed-up yet 425 7,102
Thomas Moore Not Signed-up yet 245 3,042
Chris Bujak Information Systems and Computing (ISC) Not Signed-up yet 243 2,184

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Philadelphia All time stats

  • 216 Workplaces
  • 2,687 People
  • 597 New riders
  • 2,630,901 Miles
  • 187,604 Rides
  • 241,403 lbs CO2
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