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Let's ride for Winter Wheelers!

This December, go for a short ride to unlock discounts for amazing winter cycling gear from Proviz, Loffi and Beryl.

Find out how your rides can enter you in the daily prize drawings, including the drawing for an e-bike on December 25!

Riding a bike helps us stay mentally and physically healthy, plus it frees up space on public transport for frontline workers who can't ride. There's never been a better time to try riding in winter: join our friendly, supportive community today.

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Cycle September NWA

December 1st - 25th

Ends in 22 days!

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Cycle September NWA

  • 0 Organizations
  • 108 Participants
  • 0 New riders
  • 1,889 Miles
  • 139 Trips
  • 12 lbs CO2

Cycle September NWA stats

  • 19 Organizations
  • 3,213 Participants
  • 45 New riders
  • 72,582 Miles
  • 5,054 Trips
  • 3,096 lbs CO2

NW Arkansas All time stats

  • 107 Organizations
  • 1,845 People
  • 283 New riders
  • 1,901,079 Miles
  • 115,609 Rides
  • 69,005 lbs CO2


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