Milton Keynes

What Milton Keynes has to offer 

Milton Keynes is a cycle friendly city with great cycling infrastructure, beautiful places to ride, lots of secure cycle parking and some amazing cycling shops. We have lots of courses and activities on offer to support new, regular or returning cyclists! 

Want to know where to ride? Check out this page for more information.

Local Bike Hire 

Bike hire is available across Milton Keynes courtesy of Santander Cycles MK and Lime Bikes. Whether for fun or for work, the cycle hire schemes will help you get around Milton Keynes more easily.

Santander Cycles MK - No bike? No problem! Hire a Santander bike to get from A-B. You can find the docking station locations on the councils interactive map here or to find out more about the scheme and sign up.

Santander Cycles MK are also offering a special deal for Bikes for Business Want climate friendly mobility for your business? BUSINESSbike is a scheme that allows your employees to ride with a clean conscience. Rates start at £4 per user, per month and can be as low as £2 per user, per month! This allows registered users 30 minutes free per ride! Employees can access an app with everything in one place. 

Lime Bikes can be found around MK, they are dockless, so do not need to be returned to a set docking station. Lime Bikes electric assisted, equipped with a 250-watt motor and a rechargeable lithium battery, the convenient green bicycles help riders climb hills and cover long distances without breaking a sweat! Lime are currently running a 20% discount on the minute rate, every weekday morning, between 6.00 am and 9.30 am. Why not download the lime app to locate and try a bike today! Find out more here.

e-Bike Experience 

Enjoy cycling without the effort!

To encourage people to cycle more, Milton Keynes Council are offering residents free loan of an electric bike for a month. We’ve partnered up with Fully Charged Silverstone who’ll run the project on our behalf.

This amazing offer lets you experience life with an electric bike – whatever you’re doing and wherever you want to get to, for work, leisure, exercise (you still have to pedal) you’ll be able to get from A-B with a little extra pedal power.

Why should you try an e-bike?

  • You may want to ride into the city centre and do your business without the expense of using your car
  • You may want to get fitter, but with the reassurance of the extra power so that you can go further and for longer and not have to worry about hills.
  • You may want to commute to work, yet not arrive tired and sweaty from cycling

We can help you experience an electric bike to help you decide if it’s for you.

Interested ? Contact  call Fully Charged Silverstone on 07377 153599

You’ll be able to book a bike and collect from one of the monthly pop-up events, ride off into the sunset and we’ll see you again in 4 weeks’ time when you have been converted to the joy of riding an electric bike.

Cycle Training 

We offer a whole range of Bikeability cycle training courses that are available to everyone of all ages and abilities! Anyone, any age can learn to ride a bike and we welcome all. In fact we often have more adults on the course than children! If you’re new to cycling, or getting back in the saddle and you'd like to build up your confidence this is a perfect course for you. The cost of this course is just £10 per person and is delivered on a 1-1 basis.

Our Bikeability level 2 course is really popular, perfect if you’d like to gain confidence and learn how to cycle safely on the road. Again, anyone is welcome, adults, families, work groups. The course  teaches you how to cycle on quiet roads and Redways and  costs £10 per person.

We will also be offering bike maintenance courses this year, so if you want to learn how to keep your bike in tip top condition this could be the course for you! 

We’re hoping we’ll be able to start our guided rides in the summer too, so keep an eye on our events pages.

Find out more here or email: cycling 

E-Cargo Bikes for Business

E-cargo bikes are hitting the streets of Milton Keynes as part of a new initiative to reduce congestion and reduce emissions. Capable of carrying loads of up to 630 litres, the bikes can replace cars or vans for most local journeys and are perfect for first and last mile deliveries. The aim is to reduce the reliance of cars and vans by providing a more sustainable alternative.

This year the Council will launch a new e-cargo bike lease scheme and 12 bikes will be available to businesses to loan at a heavily reduced rate.

If your business is making deliveries across the city, could you play your part in reducing transport emissions and making Milton Keynes a greener place to live and work? Register your companies interest.

Get Changed Unit

A shower and changing facility located on Witan Gate/Midsummer Boulevard. The unit has internal lockers for personal belongings, secure cages in a drying room, showers, a changing room and 48 secure cycle lockers.

The full facility is available at a charge of £288 per year paid monthly by direct debit and includes the use of a secure cycle locker – that’s around £1 per day! A very small number of secure lockers are also available at a cost of £60 per year.

Cycle Parking

Did you know there are 196 secure cycle lockers at MK Central train station, each with room for one standard bicycle a long with a small number at the get changed unit. To hire a cycle locker costs £60 per year or £36 per six months with a refundable key deposit of £50. Use the form on the Get Smarter travel site to apply!

Activities and Events

Throughout the year we have lots of events running which are posted to our Get Smarter Travel Website. Keep an eye out for upcoming events! 

Contact Us

Like something you've seen? Want to know more? Then contact us by emailing: and one of our team would be more than happy to help or give further information! Alternatively visit our website to find out more. 

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Cycle September 2021 - UK
Milton Keynes

  • 52 Workplaces
  • 578 Participants
  • 51 New riders
  • 64,056 Miles
  • 4,722 Trips
  • 6,781 lbs CO2

Cycle September 2021 - UK

  • 1,232 Workplaces
  • 21,211 Participants
  • 1,348 New riders
  • 2,638,406 Miles
  • 180,408 Trips
  • 260,216 lbs CO2

Milton Keynes All time stats

  • 206 Workplaces
  • 2,718 People
  • 616 New riders
  • 2,967,916 Miles
  • 222,268 Rides
  • 377,224 lbs CO2
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