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Ride on... it's Bike Month!

Riding a bike helps us stay mentally and physically healthy, plus it frees up space on public transport for frontline workers who can't ride. There's never been a better time to ride: join our friendly, supportive community today.

We’ve seen that bicycling is a fantastic way to get out and get around now more than ever, so continue to log your rides, encourage friends and family, and plug into our virtual community for ongoing inspiration and encouragement. We salute you!

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Event status

Now complete!

Bike Month Challenge - 2021

  • 54 Workplaces
  • 688 Participants
  • 77 New riders
  • 98,071 Miles
  • 7,581 Trips
  • 8,277 lbs CO2

Madison All time stats

  • 194 Workplaces
  • 3,356 People
  • 602 New riders
  • 2,199,155 Miles
  • 199,832 Rides
  • 343,127 lbs CO2
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