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Let's Ride!

The National Bike Challenge 2020 is here and will run through September. Stay up to date about local events in Madison here.

While many of us across the country are in 'lockdown' at this time, going out for a bike ride is a great way to get exercise, enjoy some fresh air and feel connected with the world around us.

Connect with your friends and co-workers and encourage and support each other to ride. The National Bike Challenge is a fun, friendly challenge for social groups, individuals and businesses.  Learn all about the 2020 edition here.

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2020 Bike Month

May 1st - 31st

Ends today!

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2020 Bike Month stats

  • 19,281 Participants
  • 1,286 New riders
  • 3,700,113 Miles
  • 196,258 Trips
  • 6,441 lbs CO2

Madison All time stats

  • 178 Organizations
  • 2,498 People
  • 416 New riders
  • 1,663,708 Miles
  • 161,543 Rides
  • 333,385 lbs CO2


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