Our second challenge: Bring a Buddy to Bike Month - is all about, encouragement!

Each co-worker that chooses to participate will need to create their own team. The aim of the game is for each participating coworker to encourage at least 3 of their friends and family to register and log rides for the challenge.

Prizes will be offered on a global, national and individual basis and are as follows:

Individual Prize:

5 x £15/$20/$25 gift card

You've shown up for biking by creating a team and logging rides. Nice work!

Every coworker who created a team and logs rides during Bike Month will enter the draw for a £15-$25 gift card.

Individual prizes will be drawn on a raffle basis and there are five up for grabs.

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National Prize:

A Team Bike Ride - or time off to enjoy a bike ride

To unlock this prize, each coworker must have encouraged enough people that collectively would equate to 3 new registrants per team. For example:

If Sarah, Chelsea, Greg and Robbie each created a team, by the end of the challenge, they must have collectively encouraged at least 12 people between them to join their own team and log a ride. 

This can be achieved either by each coworker having at least 3 people in each of their teams, or for example, Sarah encouraging 5 people, Chelsea 2, Greg 4 and Robbie 1.

Co-workers are eligible for national rewards if national targets are successfully achieved in a given country.

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Global Prize:

Gift a bike

We did it! We encouraged enough people between all participating coworkers around the world to have totalled at least 3 new registrants per team. Using the same format as the national prize but including all coworkers globally.

Spontaneous rewards:

We'll also be gifting one extra prize each quarter to a coworker who's given that extra bit of effort to motivate themselves, encourage their co-workers and inspire other people to get riding!

Sneak peak of what's ahead:


  • Individual Raffles¬†-¬†Huggg gift [UK] or¬†Gyft [USA] or Gift Card Store (AUS) (x 5)
  • National reward (experiences)¬†- Team bike ride or 2 hours to go for a ride
  • Global reward¬†-¬†We gift a bike via World Bicycle Relief


  • Individual Raffles¬†-¬†100 trees planted on your behalf (x 3)
  • National rewards (experiences)¬†-¬†Tiny campfire
  • Global reward¬†-¬†We gift a bike via¬†World Bicycle Relief


  • Individual Raffles¬†-¬†A mini you doll (x 2)
  • National rewards (experiences)¬†-¬†Hack Day
  • Global rewards¬†-¬†We gift a bike via¬†World Bicycle Relief