Get ready to ride

We're a passionate bunch of people who want to see more people biking more often, right!? We know that riding a bike can make you happier, healthier, wealthier and more productive - a pretty good combo platter for a team with our mission.

This is why we've launched a team encouragement platform to support and encourage YOU to ride more often.

Why a Love to Ride platform for the team?

  • Practicing what we preach.¬†We've encouraged more than 600,000 people worldwide to ride a bike. Now it's time for YOU to experience that extra boost in¬†motivation too.
  • We're our best asset! By trialing incentives,¬†program ideas and using our platform as a regular user,¬†we'll be in the best position to¬†continue to learn and develop new ways to encourage other people to ride in our programs.¬†
  • We're a virtual, global team. Taking part in a team building activity on an awesome platform like ours¬†will help us feel¬†even more connected.
  • Winning things is fun. We've given away hundreds of thousands of prizes to people around the world. Wouldn't it be great if YOU could win that prize too!?

How we'll roll...

  • Jan - Launch. Clean up your Love to Ride profiles and get ready for your first challenge.
  • Feb - Challenge live: Ready, Set, Goal
  • Mar - Results and reflection. How did we do and who won¬†prizes!
  • Apr - We're getting ready again, pre-challenge phase.
  • May - Challenge live: Bike Month, team recruit!
  • Jun - Results and reflection. Planning for the next 6 months.

ūü•≥ Our next challenge:¬†Bring a buddy to¬†Bike Month¬†ūü•≥

We're inviting the team to take part in Bike Month to spread the love of biking to our own friends and family. We know that if every rider encouraged just one other rider to take part, we'd double the rates of biking so let's walk the walk and talk the encouraging talk! 

The aim of the game here is to boost engagement where we live and work and to see how effective our own tools are for recruiting other people to join the platform.

Here's how you can take part this month:

1. By setting up your own social team you're confirming to take part in the internal challenge

2. Invite your friends, family, frenemies to join your team 

3. Earn points and compete with other teams as normal for Bike Month

We'll be following all other Bike Month rules for earning points and competing in pools, but we have an extra spicy challenge to unlock prizes internally...

1. Individual prize - criteria: Create a team and log at least 1 ride

2. National prize - criteria: there must be at least 3 new people registered and logging rides for each coworker taking part e.g. If Sarah, Will and Robbie each created a team, by the end of the challenge they must have encouraged at least 9 people between them to join the Love to Ride platform to unlock the national prize.

3. Global prize - criteria: following the same rules as the national prize but now it's a global collective e.g. If Sarah, Will, Robbie, Laura and Thomas all created a team, by the end of the challenge they must have encouraged at least 15 people to join the platform to unlock the global prize. 


We've got a range of prizes and experiences to help motivate and reward you. Our hope is that there's something for everyone and our overall ambition is for your effort to result in some social good. 

We want to finish the year knowing we'd put 4 durable Buffalo Bicycles into rural communities around the world (improving access to education, healthcare, and jobs that are often out of reach).

See what's up for grabs here.

Got a suggestion?

It's important for us that we learn, collaborate and apply what we discover through this process to make our encouragement more effective. Got an idea? Speak to Laurence or Fleur.

Happy riding.

Global Team All time stats

  • 11 Workplaces
  • 25 People
  • 3 New riders
  • 41,363 Miles
  • 7,935 Rides
  • 8,647 lb CO2
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