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Keep on Riding!

Channel that Bike Month energy year round. Biking may look different for all of us, but every ride creates benefits for you and your community.

Try one of these this week:

  • Grab your backpack and run an errand by bike
  • Take a trip around the block with your kids
  • Replace one car commute with a bike commute
  • Pick up your local restaurant carry-out by bike
  • Set a personal biking goal

There's nothing like experiencing Hawaii by bike. This month, see how many new ways you can find to incorporate biking into your daily life or check out our "Events" page under the Info tab to join a bike ride near you!


Hawaii All time stats

  • 61 Workplaces
  • 846 People
  • 261 New riders
  • 466,633 Miles
  • 31,626 Rides
  • 23,322 lbs CO2
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