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Our Goal: ride 10 rides by 31st December 2020
Goal Completed
Goal Completed

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Team Members

Name Department Signed Up Trips Miles
Jonathan Fulford Medical School Not Signed-up yet 2516 22,254
Sam Bailey Sport and Health Science Not Signed-up yet 2180 31,034
Dave Colridge Technical Services Not Signed-up yet 1677 5,980
Joel Smith Campus Services Not Signed-up yet 1628 3,731
Emma Cockcroft Medical School Not Signed-up yet 1570 54,642
Jonathan Wall Finance services Not Signed-up yet 1512 16,996
Khurram Wadee CEMPS Not Signed-up yet 1445 10,284
Ben Gardner CEMPS Not Signed-up yet 1345 5,491
Anthony Norton CEMPS Not Signed-up yet 1339 26,349
Claire Mc Greevy Education and Student Experience Not Signed-up yet 1313 8,583

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Devon All time stats

  • 406 Workplaces
  • 8,127 People
  • 1,654 New riders
  • 8,752,395 Miles
  • 677,221 Rides
  • 1,263,151 lbs CO2
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