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Way to ride!

20,276 people took part in the Bike Month Challenge in May. Altogether you pedaled 3,712,531 miles and saved 147,542 lbs of CO2! 🚲 💚🌏

This isn't the end, it's just the beginning! You can log rides, track your progress and set goals all year round on your profile.

Remember the National Bike Challenge is still on, and Cycle September (our global bike challenge) will be here before you know it - so why not stay in the saddle and keep it warm for another round of friendly competition and prizes?


Event status

Now complete!

Bike Month Challenge - 2021
Central MD

  • 41 Workplaces
  • 392 Participants
  • 32 New riders
  • 62,977 Miles
  • 4,089 Trips
  • 3,967 lbs CO2

Central MD All time stats

  • 96 Workplaces
  • 1,000 People
  • 168 New riders
  • 799,467 Miles
  • 48,771 Rides
  • 50,540 lbs CO2
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