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What are your #RideResolutions?

Riding your bike protects our NHS by keeping you fit and healthy, frees up space on public transport for key workers and is a great way to exercise with one other person and improve your mental wellbeing.

Setting your #RideResolutions on Love to Ride can help you stay active during Lockdown. Whether you want to ride off 2 slices of cake, save 200kg of carbon or ride a whopping 2,021 miles this year, you can set and share your goals right now.

Take a look at our Tips for Setting Great Goals post and set a goal that’s right for you. 

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Bedfordshire all time stats

  • 167 Organisations
  • 2,506 People
  • 674 New riders
  • 1,555,288 Miles
  • 115,172 Rides
  • 228,714 lbs CO2


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