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The National Bike Challenge rides on through Cycle September!

Join Cycle September to help get more people on bikes. It doesn't matter if you ride every day or haven't been on a bike in years, you can ride for fun or transportation any time, anywhere in September to take part!

There will be a friendly competition between workplaces (individuals can take part too) to see which can get the most staff to try riding a bike. Plus there will be prizes for riding and encouraging others, including our annual global prize draw for a trip to New Zealand or the Grand Canyon!

Learn more about Cycle September here!

Thanks to our presenting sponsors 3M for supporting riding and helping make the challenge happen.  Thanks also to our prize sponsors for all the great prizes!  And a big congratulations to the May prize winners!

Don't wait until September to ride! The National Bike Challenge is still going! We have leaderboards for top riders, states, and communities, along with monthly prizes through the summer.

New to Love to Ride? Register here to take part.


Cycle September stats

  • 492 Organizations
  • 18,310 Participants
  • 1,126 New riders
  • 3,390,528 Miles
  • 263,345 Trips
  • 473,141 lbs CO2

Bay Area All time stats

  • 191 Organizations
  • 3,754 People
  • 812 New riders
  • 2,113,205 Miles
  • 194,785 Rides
  • 484,829 lbs CO2


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