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Join Winter Wheelers - December 1-25!

By taking part in Winter Wheelers you'll access exclusive discounts from our sponsors PLUS you can enter each Wednesday's prize draw to win a $50 local bike shop voucher.

Join Love to Ride for Business to win daily prizes

Including winter goodies from Proviz, Beryl and Loffi plus $1,250 worth of local bike shop vouchers! 

Find out more about Love to Ride for Business here.

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Event status

Now complete!

Winter Wheelers 2019 stats

  • 8,955 Participants
  • 229 New riders
  • 1,010,192 Miles
  • 72,825 Trips
  • 149,810 lbs CO2

Bay Area All time stats

  • 294 Organizations
  • 5,540 People
  • 1,150 New riders
  • 5,152,977 Miles
  • 432,973 Rides
  • 1,036,418 lbs CO2


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