Individual Prize Winners

Congratulations to our 2016 Challenge Winners!

See your name? Well keep an eye on your mailbox - we'll be mailing prizes out as soon we announce them (note: if you didn't provide us with an address, please make sure to update your profile so we can mail you any prizes!)

Prize Drawings

Week 1

  • Chris Scarborough won a pair of tickets to the College Football Hall of Fame
  • Francesca Ferrero won a pair of tickets to the College Football Hall of Fame
  • Kishore Devisetti won a gift card to The Porter restaurant in Little 5.

    Week 2 & 3

    • Jacob Davidson won a pass on an Atlanta Movie Tour
    • Josh O'Connor won a pass for an Atlanta Movie Tour

        Week 4 (Finale)

        • Chrys Randolph (our Top Encourager) won a $50 gift card to Farm Burger
        • Isaac Mirza (our Top New Rider) won $25 in Joystick Bucks
        • Homer Bartlett (our top points earner) won $25 from Little Tart Shop in Grant Park
        • John Moroz (our Top Commuter) won $25 to Meehan's
        • Anna DunLany won $20 from Atlanta Cycling
        • Pamela Burnette and Dan Schmer both won passes to Atlanta Rocks! Indoor Climbing Gym
        • Andrew Whitlock, Mario Martinez, and James Smith all won gift cards to Jeni's Ice Cream
        • Emily Silman, Jeff Wooten, Bill Sapp, and JJ Coronel all won gift cards to Sweet Hut
        • David Boyer and Kay Everett both won gift cards to Cafe Intermezzo
        • Robert Gillentine is our NEW BIKE Grant Prize winner

          New Rider Prizes

          We mailed out hundreds of Atlanta Cycling gift cards (too many to list everyone's names), and emailed over 60 new riders vouchers for free Movie Tickets - so if you hadn't been on a bike at all in the last year, keep an eye on your mailbox at the office!


          Atlanta Bike Challenge All time stats

          • 425 Organizations
          • 5,439 People
          • 1,802 New riders
          • 1,056,463 Miles
          • 109,592 Rides