2017 Prizes

We are doing prizes a little differently this year. Rather than awarding only those who can log hundreds of miles and thousands of trips, we are awarding random weekly prizes for anyone who has logged at least one trip. See below for prize drawings each week.

Week 1: A Set of Ortlieb Back Roller Classic Panniers (Red)

Week 2: A Detours "Ballard Market: Pannier (Blue)

Week 3: A Set of Ortlieb Back Roller Classic Panniers (White)

Week 4: A Detours "Ballard Market: Pannier (Black)

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Washington Registrations

  • 85 Teams
  • 645 People

Ride in the Rain 2017 Registrations

  • 93 Teams
  • 692 People

USA All time stats

  • 3,018 Organizations
  • 63,506 People
  • 14,064 New riders
  • 18,382,111 Miles
  • 2,004,765 Rides
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