2018 Prizes

We are doing prizes a little differently this year. Rather than awarding only those who can log hundreds of miles and thousands of trips, we are awarding random weekly prizes for anyone who has logged at least one trip. See below for prize drawings each week.

Week 1 Prize Drawing: Selle Anatomica X2 Leather Saddle (Black/Silver)

For over a decade Selle Anatomica has worked to bring the world's most comfortable saddles to cyclists. In that tradition we are thrilled to announce X2, the Next Gen leather saddle. A radical departure from our past offering, X2 boasts a modular design that is stronger and lighter. More importantly, X2 can be disassembled and reassembled completely by hand, making it possible to replace the leather top whenever you see fit. Install a non-slotted top for a ride up the mountain or replace a worn top with a new one, without sending it to us for service. 

Week 2 Prize Drawing: Selle Anatomica H1 Leather Saddle (Vintage/Copper)

H1 offers the latest saddle top from Selle Anatomica in an affordable design. H Series saddles utilize a stiffer top than X Series. They were designed for cyclists who might have otherwise prematurely stretched X Series saddles. They're also built for cyclists who prefer a stiffer riding platform such as those coming from many years on a Brooks.

Week 3 Prize Drawing: A Sitka Hip Pack by Swift Industries, filled with Cascade Goodies!

Great on bike rides, hiking trails, for bouldering, and exploring the neighborhood, our Sitka Hip Pack is the perfect all-arounder. The Sitka Pack opens upward, so accessing your things is a breeze while you’re moving fast.  Plus we'll fill it up with some essential biking supplies and other goodies from Cascade Bicycle Club.

Week 4 Prize Drawing: A Paloma Handlebar Bag by Swift Industries

The Paloma Handlebar Bag puts everything you need within reach while you’re on the move, so you can go further, faster. No more stuffed jersey pockets, or repeatedly stopping to get things out of your saddle bag or panniers.  You can use it on almost any bike, as it mounts easily to the Klickfix Handlebar Adapter on your handlebars, without a front rack or complicated hardware.

Social Media Contests

In each weekly "Cross Town Traffic" email, your weekly Challenge update from WA Bikes, participants also will learn about the weekly social media contest run by Cascade Bicycle Club. Submit your entries by tagging @CascadeBicycle and #bikeeverywhere

Winners with theme related submissions will be picked at random to win a sweet, sweet prize from Ortlieb, and will have their snap featured in "Cross Town Traffic" and on the Cascade Bicycle Club facebook page.

Week 1 Social Media Contest Theme: Get Out There!

This is an easy one.... send us any bike related photo showing how you are getting out there this May for Bike Everywhere Month!  

This could be photos of your Challenge team, your commute path, your school, your new bike, or even you modelling your new cycle outfit!  As long as it's bicycle related, we want to see what inspires you to get out there and ride.

Week 2 Social Media Contest Theme: Check my ride!

This week is all about serious bike love.  Show it off!  Got a brand new super slick carbon framed roadster? Do it justice with a pic! Have a vintage beach cruiser that's more like a feather couch mounted on a Cadillac El Dorado?  Show it off!  And that battle scarred, city commuting, Franken-parts fixie that can do the Kessel Run in 12 parsecs?  Get your high speed lens out and capture it in motion!  We want to see you with your ride, wherever it takes you!

Week 3 Social Media Contest Theme: I Heart Washington!

This is the final week of the contest, and it might be our favorite category.  Since it's Memorial Day on May 25, we're having a full TWO WEEK submission window for you to send in pics related to why you love living, and cycling, in Washington.  Got a favorite trail in the Olympic National Park?  Show us!  A favorite hilltop vista of Puget Sound?  Show us!  A favorite back alley in downtown Bellingham?  WE WANT TO SEE IT!  Just drop your bike (preferably with yourself or a friend) in the frame with your favorite view of Washington State and tell us about it.

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