What is the Bike Everywhere Challenge?

Washington Bikes invites seasoned pedalers, new bike riders, and cyclists from all over our state to bike as much as possible for any reason during May 1 to May 31. The idea of the F5 Networks Bike Everywhere Challenge is to support, encourage, and celebrate all things bicycling. Maybe you've always wanted to try bike commuting -- now is a great time to challenge yourself -- or you're a regular rider and you're in it for the leaderboard points. Whatever the reason, we will see you on the road, trail, and everywhere in between!

How it works

  • You and your friends compete against other teams of up to 10 people
    • New riders get double points for trips logged. Following rider feedback from past years, we have removed the requirement to have 2 new riders on a team of 10. Your Challenge team can be made up of anyone you wish, but just remember, more new riders = more points
  • The aim is to earn the most points.
  • Points are earned by:
    • riding
    • and getting other people to ride too.
  • You can ride anywhere, anytime between November 1-30 to take part.

The Challenge is not just about who can ride the most miles, but who can encourage the most people to give bicycling a try.


You and your team earn points as follows:

We also have bonus points:

  • New riders - DOUBLE day and mile points (Because we want to get more people riding!)

*New riders are those of us who haven't ridden or only ridden a few times in the past year

Individual Points

You earn points by riding and encouraging** others to ride as per above.

The more points you earn... the bigger the bragging rights!

Team Points

Your team earns points for all the people you get to join your team and all the riding you all do. That means you get a team total of everyone's day, distance, and encourager points**. It's that simple - just tally everyone's riding and encouraging together to see who is on top!

**How I do earn encourager points? It's easy! When someone logs a ride in the Challenge via the website, a little box will open that asks if someone encouraged them to ride. If they type in your name and select you from the list, you get points for encouraging them to ride! This box will open the first 3 trips you log 'manually' via the website, or it can be triggered for your next ride at any time via the 'add an encourager' button on your profile page.

What are the benefits of participating?

  • Free for everyone
  • Loads of pedal powered camaraderie
  • The spirit of friendly competition
  • Help reduce congestion, emissions, and save people money
  •  Bragging rights. Period.

How to take part

Follow these four steps:

  • Register on this website, it's free. Register here
  • Ride a bike anywhere, anytime for at least 10 minutes between between November 1 -30, 2019.
  • Record your ride here and post about the challenge on your work and personal social media accounts.
  • Reward yourself and your friends by winning prizes!

Interested in getting your whole company on board?  Learn more here.
Or download this doc.

Team Sizes

Like past Washington Bikes facilitated challenges, teams will be limited to 10 riders. Bike Everywhere is all about encouraging people to ride, whether they already ride every week or haven't been on a bike in years. That means recognizing teams for having new riders and regular riders alike.

At the same time, we want the competition between teams to be fair. Of course some teams will earn more points, but we don't want folks with dozens of riding buddies to just automatically crush a small business that gets excited about inviting staff to sign up and ride. For these reasons, we are awarding double points for new riders. While you don't need to have new riders on your team for Bike Everywhere, the more you have, the more points your team will get.

Your team's overall score will be determined through a combination of days ridden, miles ridden and encouragements given.

Win Prizes

We're doing some social media powered give-aways, so take photos and get connected!

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Washington All time stats

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  • 5,952 New riders
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