Tips for planning a ride with kids

Three images of happy adult and children bike riders.

Riding with kids can be a blast! They will continually surprise you with how capable they are and it’s a great way to spend some quality time with them. Not to mention, biking is perfect for burning off their excess energy (phew!). 

Here’s how to plan a ride with kids and ramp up the fun factor.

Don’t go too far

Choose a route that is achievable for the whole family. It’s better to enjoy a shorter journey that makes everyone excited for the next!

Plan your route

Avoid busy roads, difficult junctions, or hilly routes. Riding along a path you know will help to build both your confidence and that of your child. Look out for shortcuts too in case you need to make a quick detour home.

Adult and child standing next to their bikes in front of water and mountain scene.

Check your bikes

Perform a quick ABC check before you ride out and make sure everyone’s bike fits them properly. With kids growing so quickly, you may need to raise their seat and make little adjustments so they can ride comfortably. 

Dress for the occasion

Pack a few waterproofs if it looks like it would rain and wear lots of layers if it’s cold. For children sitting in bike seats, wrapping up is particularly important: they won't generate heat like the person pedaling so they may need an extra layer. 

Take snacks and drinks

Food and drink will keep you fuelled but they can also be a fantastic ride reward. Schedule a snack stop and treat yourself to something tasty!

Adult and child bike riders eating sandwiches.

Take regular breaks

Taking a break allows kids to rest and recharge their batteries. Plus, breaks are a great opportunity to check-in and find out how they’re feeling on the ride. 

Go at the pace of the slowest rider

No one wants to be left behind, so reducing your pace will help everyone feel involved. Taking it slow allows everyone to build up strength, stamina, and confidence.

Make it fun

Schedule stops and fun places along your route to make the ride more exciting. Or, play games as you go. Here are some great game ideas…

Bike Games For Kids

Photo of a man riding a child's bike with the child playing chase behind.


See if your child can spot things as they ride. This game is perfect during more difficult sections of your route (riding uphill, for example) because it brings a welcome distraction.

Obstacle Course

Use cones, bags, or clothes - whatever you have lying around! Lay them on the ground and see if your child can ride between them. Perfect for building up biking agility!

Chalk Road

Draw a roadway on the ground and your kids can pretend they’re navigating their own mini-town or city. This is a fun way to teach the rules of the road.

Slow Riding Challenge

How slow can you go? Challenge your kids to a slow race! The person who takes the longest to cross the finish line wins. But if they set a foot on the ground, 5 seconds are removed from their time. Great for improving bike balance.

Green Light / Red Light 

Stand with your back to your kids and shout ‘green light’ to start them riding. When you turn and shout ‘red light’, they have to stop. Whoever reaches you first, wins!

Balance Track

Draw one or two chalk lines on the ground and challenge your child to ride along the line or in between two lines. This will help them to perfect their riding balance.

Bike Safari

Pack a camera or your phone and ride to see what you can spot! Ask your child to look out for a few objects, animals, or places and stop to take a picture when you spot them. Can you collect pictures of them all?

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