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Are you ready to get more of your co-workers riding bikes? It really is amazing when Champions help somebody take the plunge, start riding, and experience all that joy.

What is a Champion?

Each workplace with a Love to Ride profile has a Champion. 

Your main focus is to encourage your co-workers to join your workplace profile and take part during Love to Ride campaigns. Your aim is to get as many co-workers as possible to register, ride and log their rides.

Who should be the Champion?

The Champion should ideally be someone who is passionate about riding a bike and is keen to encourage others to join in with Love to Ride campaigns.

When someone sets up a new Workplace or Organization Profile they will automatically be assigned as the Champion. However, if there is another staff member who would be better placed as a Champion, it’s simple to change this, just follow these simple steps.

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What does a Champion do?

You can do anything from emailing your co-workers and posting on social media, to hosting group bike rides or commuter’s breakfasts. You can add your own flair to the task and come up with ideas that are tailored to you and your co-workers.

We don’t expect you to do it all alone though, which is why we’ve created lots of resources to help you spread the biking love at your workplace. Check out the Resources page for campaign-specific Staff Engagement Packs full of images, GIFs, social media posts, emails and blog posts that are ready for you to copy and paste - simple! We’ve also created a Challenge Checklist which has easy, weekly prompts to make promoting Love to Ride challenges as easy as riding a bike!

Got questions about what Champions can do on the Love to Ride site? Check out the Champion FAQs.

Challenge Checklist

Want to get more people at your workplace riding bikes during a Love to Ride challenge?

We've put together an easy to use weekly checklist to help you spread the biking love and get more of your co-workers riding bikes. Just click the button below to download the Challenge Checklist.


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The Bike Month Challenge 2023

May 1st - 31st

Ends in 3 days!

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The Bike Month Challenge 2023

  • 3,261 Workplaces
  • 19,942 Riders
  • 1,237 New riders
  • 3,253,453 Miles
  • 216,501 Trips
  • 245,820 lb CO2

USA All time stats

  • 11,827 Workplaces
  • 181,236 People
  • 39,215 New riders
  • 287,988,785 Miles
  • 21,436,325 Rides
  • 23,251,004 lb CO2
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