We want to support you, your coworkers, and your organization to gain all the benefits of riding

As you know, biking has so many benefits! From being healthier and happier, to being more energized and productive, to taking fewer sick days and being more sustainable.

With Bike Month approaching, and many organizations struggling right now, Love to Ride is sharing a little Bike Love by providing all organizations access to Love to Ride for Business for the month of May. 

You and your organization can take part in Bike Month

You'll get an online cycling community for your staff with information and support, whether they are new to riding, or already commute by bike. We collect ride data and display biking stats for your organization.

You'll be able to set up a profile page for each of your offices, and set a goal to keep your organization motivated this May. Your staff will receive bespoke emails that are tailored to what type of rider they are, and encourages them to discover the unique health and community benefits of cycling in a time like this.

Click here to set up a profile for your organization.

Want to keep riding beyond Bike Month? We've developed Ride Relief, a special package that you can use to help employees stay active, healthy, and connected during this difficult time. Check it out here.

Want to put your riding to the test?

Cycle September is where your organization will take what you learned during Bike Month and use it to compete in local, national, and global leaderboards. 

There are prizes at stake, and certificates for the winners. Organizations will compete against others of a similar staff size (so it's a level playing field) and you can also compete on special industry leaderboards.

Your staff will be taking part in our Global Bike Challenge with hundreds of other organizations and we'll provide you with all the marketing and promotional materials you need to claim top spot.

By taking part in Cycle September, you'll also get access to your organization profile page for the whole of the National Bike Challenge. This means you'll have the whole summer to train and get your coworkers riding! 

Click here to take part

You earn points by riding and encouraging others, with your organization's total being the sum of all individual members’ points. The more that take part, the better chance you have!

The points system has been carefully developed, tried and tested, over the last four years to ensure a fair and exciting competition, and to strongly encourage workplaces to engage new riders and potential riders if they want to secure victory. Here’s how individual points are earned: 

Registration fee

Businesses have much to gain be encouraging and supporting you and your coworkers to ride. That’s why we want to work with your coworkers in HR, sustainability, staff engagement, and employee transportation to provide a comprehensive program of encouragement, including providing functionality to reward and incentivise people like you and your coworkers to ride. 

Naturally, there is a small fee to cover our staff time to support you and your coworkers to ride and participate in the Challenge. The ROI is massive for your company due to all the benefits it will bring and the cost of participation being very reasonable.

Click here to sign your organization up for Cycle September!

Learn more about Love to Ride for Business here - and the features and benefits you get.

Let's get more of your coworkers enjoying the benefits of riding!

2020 Bike Month

May 1st - 31st

Ends in 6 days!

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2020 Bike Month stats

  • 18,557 Participants
  • 1,207 New riders
  • 3,034,219 Miles
  • 159,786 Trips
  • 685,976 lbs CO2

USA All time stats

  • 9,354 Organizations
  • 211,077 People
  • 48,018 New riders
  • 159,723,455 Miles
  • 14,164,240 Rides
  • 32,523,453 lbs CO2
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