“Learning to ride a bike confidently was one of the most rewarding things I’ve ever done.”

You’ve got so much to gain from learning how to ride a bike.

This page contains guidance to help you do just that.


Don’t yet own a bike?

You’ve got options:

  1. Buy a new bike or 2nd hand one - Tips on buying a bike
  2. Hire a bike - Find local bike rental.
  3. Use a local bikeshare service (if there’s one near you).


Bike need fixing up?

1)You’ve got options:

1) Fix it yourself - using this guide

2) Take it to your local bike shop - find a bike shop here.


Winter Wheelers USA

December 1st - 25th

Starts in 8 days!

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USA All time stats

  • 14,915 Organizations
  • 235,946 People
  • 53,047 New riders
  • 192,856,327 Miles
  • 16,051,483 Rides
  • 30,410,994 lbs CO2
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