What is the aim of the National Bike Challenge?

We want to get more people riding bikes, more often.

We want people and organizations to use the National Bike Challenge as a tool to get more people riding bikes, more often, in their community.

We want to get more people on bikes for all the reasons: healthier, wealthier and happier people; more livable communities; improved air quality and less pollution; drivers are more used to seeing people on bikes; to have a strong political voice for cycling and improving bicycling infrastructure, etc.

When is it?

May through September - There are lots of leaderboards for top riders, groups, states, communities, which you can sort by month, year and the May-September period. You can use the website to record your rides and compete on monthly individual leaderboards (e.g. Top Rider, Top Commuter, etc). The League of American Bicyclists will be giving away some Top Rider awards for the summer riding season (May - September).

There are two special focussed challenge periods:

  • May 2021 - a month-long individual challenge. Set goals, encourage others, and engage with the Love to Ride community by sharing photos and stories. Compete on national individual and group leaderboards and enjoy riding for health and happiness.
  • September 2021 – a month-long workplace challenges. Your organization competes against others of similar size. Rally your colleagues to ride, anytime, anywhere. Earn points to climb the leaderboard. 
Compete in your industry category and in the national rankings. But mostly, have fun riding and showing more of your colleagues how easy and enjoyable riding a bike can be. 

What happens between May and September?

Between May and September and year round, you will be able to keep track of your rides and how you compare to others on the individual leaderboards. You can filter your profile stats and the individual leaderboards to show stats by month, year, and the May-September riding season.

How do I take part?

Starting a 'Club or Group' team questions

Can I use my social team from last year?
The social team challenge uses the Groups feature this year. You can create (or join) a team here.

What is a 'club or group'?
It can be a cycling club, a groups of friends, or a social riding group you are a part of. 

How do I start a club or group?
After you register, on your user profile page, you'll see a link to 'Join a Group'.

Who can start a club or group?
Anyone! You can! Right here.

What size? 
A Club or Group can be any size. There are size categories on the leaderboard to even the playing field.

Can I take part as an individual?
Yes – everyone who takes part will show up on the individual leaderboards.

How can my business take part?
You can get a business page or site that will be the online cycling community and encouragement platform for your organization. 

More info on workplace challenges here.

If you’re interested in getting a profile for your business, please set-up your business profile page here.

What leaderboards will there be?

See the information page for these here.

Logging rides?

How do I log my rides?

You can log rides manually from your profile page or use an app to do it automatically for you. We recommend Ride Report because it can identify when you're cycling automatically based on your acceleration and speed patterns. 

What apps can I use?

You can use Strava, MapMyRide and Love to Ride's own app. Please go to your profile settings and follow the instructions to connect with your preferred app.

Can I ride a stationary bike?

Our aim of the game is to get more people riding outdoors! With the hope that through encouragement we can motivate individuals to cycle for transport and experience the freedom cycling gives. Indoor/static bikes (including Zwift and other virtual rides) do therefore not count in the Challenge.

More questions?

Please check the Website FAQ here.  

Cycle September 2021 - USA

September 1st - 30th

Starts in 39 days!

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USA All time stats

  • 9,702 Workplaces
  • 134,471 People
  • 28,850 New riders
  • 154,152,569 Miles
  • 11,682,154 Rides
  • 16,457,370 lbs CO2
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