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Are you sad there was no CycleMAYnia or Bike Challenge this year? Let’s come together this September as CycleMAYniacs united in the Global Bike Challenge! This is an online group for Santa Barbara County. *There are no gatherings, events, or group rides* We’ll have prizes from Traffic Solutions for locals. Email Lori at if you have any questions.

Our Goal: ride 84 rides by 13th September 2020
Goal Completed
Goal Completed

Top Riders (Most Miles)

Top Riders (Most Rides)

Top Riders (Most Days Ridden)

Top Commuters (Most Days Riding to Work)

Top Commuters (Most Miles Riding to Work)

Club / Group Members

Name Trips Miles
Sagenator ; ) 871 21,834
Alex Gaytan 600 5,897
Mike Becker 593 15,578
Phil Watt 573 9,733
Jacob Lofman 367 404
Daniel Girard 333 9,985
James Winslow 281 1,166
Zachary Bobbitt 245 5,115
Goofus Sappola 187 1,965
Andrew Bermond 175 1,047

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