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We all ride during Bike Month in May--let's ride again during the Cycle September Global Bike Challenge! This year's focus is to "Drive Less, Bike More" and we know our locals are up for the challenge. If you need help identifying a good bike route, getting a bike, or if you want to demo a FREE electric bike for five days, email Lori at

Our Goal: ride 200 trips for transportation by 30th September 2021
98 trips for transportation down, 102 to go!
98 trips for transportation down, 102 to go!

Top Riders (Most Miles)

Top Riders (Most Rides)

Top Riders (Most Days Ridden)

Top Commuters (Most Days Riding to Work)

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Club / Group Members

Name Trips Miles
Sagenator ; ) 1885 42,234
Darren Potter 1227 28,142
Phil Watt 1199 21,043
Alex Gaytan 1193 12,299
Mike Becker 1187 32,233
Goofus Sappola 1108 10,307
borys kolasa 969 13,698
David Dennis 780 6,693
Zachary Bobbitt 666 16,935
Anne Chen 618 16,018

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The Bike Month Challenge 2024

May 1st - 31st

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USA All time stats

  • 12,007 Workplaces
  • 187,644 People
  • 40,733 New riders
  • 336,836,388 Miles
  • 24,220,690 Rides
  • 24,788,047 lb CO2