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Successfully getting more people cycling

Our year round programme of events is designed to get more people cycling and is based on a proven model that has engaged over 410,000 people, with significant long-term increases in cycling participation. Our success would not be possible without Champions such as yourselves who help us to spread the word and encourage as many colleagues as possible to join them.

What am I expected to do exactly?

Your role is to work with other Champions in your workplace to promote Love to Ride's year round programmes and spread the word.

Your main focus will be to encourage your colleagues to join your organisation and take part during live campaigns (such as Ride to Work Week or Cycle September). You can send them inspirational messages, reminding them to record their rides and motivate them to victory!

Your aim is to get as many workmates as possible to register, ride and record their rides.

Why me?

You have now been automatically selected as the Champion for the organisation or department you registered.

If you do not wish to be a Champion or know someone who would be better suited, please let us know - thanks.

Why are we doing this?

We want to get more people cycling and more often, whether that be for fun, exercise or to work. Imagine if more people cycled - the air would be cleaner, our neighbourhoods would be more peaceful and we'd have communities full of smiling, happy, healthy people.

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As a Champion, you have access to additional functions on this website. You can upload your organisation's logo, delete team members and edit your organisation's details.

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Ride to Work Week 2020

March 23rd - 29th

Starts in 24 days!

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Ride to Work Week 2020 Registrations

  • 391 Organisations
  • 3,166 People

Love to Ride UK all time stats

  • 13,250 Organisations
  • 235,911 People
  • 45,273 New riders
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