The 23 Million Mile Challenge

The world's greatest riders will get together in Glasgow and across Scotland to compete at the highest level, make history and show the power of the bike.

The UCI has teamed up with Love to Ride on this exciting 23 Million Mile Challenge. Running from Apr 25th - Aug 13th 2023. Log a trip, sign up your friends, and contribute to one of two 23 Million Mile community goals either for the UK or the rest of the world!

Anyone who contributes to the 23 Million Mile total will be in line to win epic prizes!

Position Country Miles
1st USA 15,740,170
2nd England 10,744,909
3rd New Zealand 3,155,469
4th Australia 2,236,867
5th Scotland 1,771,698
6th Nederland 589,530
7th Italia 367,484
8th Wales 56,646
9th Northern Ireland 15,038

This leaderboard shows an assortment of Love to Ride sites from around the world. We're working hard to get the whole world riding, but until then you can see how the countries we're active in stack up.

Cycle September 2023

1st September - 30th September 2023

Ends in 8 days!

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Cycle September 2023

  • 5,187 Workplaces
  • 23,922 Riders
  • 1,279 New riders
  • 2,738,392 Miles
  • 210,315 Trips
  • 279,914 lb CO2

UK All time stats

  • 14,741 Workplaces
  • 214,741 People
  • 44,331 New riders
  • 261,814,904 Miles
  • 19,646,499 Rides
  • 28,760,595 lb CO2