Tampa Bay Bike Challenge 2021

Read on to find out all about the Tampa Bay Bike Challenge, happening from March 1-31, 2021!

This March, individuals and businesses across the region will be enjoying all the benefits of bike riding.

What's the Tampa Bay Bike Challenge all about?

The Tampa Bay Bike Challenge is a fun, free competition between workplaces to see who can earn the most points for riding and encouraging others during March. It’s not all about who can ride the most miles, but about encouraging as many people as possible to enjoy riding their bike for health, happiness and fun.

Participants earn points for riding their bikes and encouraging family, friends and co-workers to join in. Points count towards their workplace’s total and helps them climb the leader board! There are great prizes that individuals and teams can qualify for by riding their bikes during the Tampa Bay Bike Challenge.

Here’s what you need to know about the Challenge:

  •  It’s a fun, free competition between workplaces to see which can earn the most points in March
  • Individuals only have to ride for ten minutes to earn points and be entered into prize drawings
  • Encouragement is at the core of the Challenge and is the best way to earn the most points
  • Everyone can join in – it doesn’t matter if you ride every day or haven’t been on a bike in years (or ever – we’ve had people learn to ride during our Challenges before!)
  • Participants who register before March 1 go in to a special early-bird prize drawing!

You can ride anywhere, anytime during March - just a 10-minute ride is enough to take part.

1. Enjoy a ride

2. Log it here or connect your cycling app (Strava or MapMyRide)

3. Encourage others to join

4. Earn points, climb the leaderboards and win prizes!

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How can I take part?

You can take part in three ways:

  • As an individual - you'll compete with others on the individual leaderboards and be entered to win prizes
  • With a workplace - your points will contribute to your workplace's total points to help compete on the workplace leaderboards, and you'll be entered to win prizes
  • With a club/group - clubs are a great way to keep track of how much riding you and your friends can do in year round, as well as during the Love to Ride Florida challenge. You'll also be entered to win prizes.

How do I earn points?

Earn points as an individual by:

If you're competing as part of a workplace, your workplace points will be the sum of all points earned by every employee taking part at your company on Love to Ride.

You don't have to be a bike commuter to take part - all types of rides count towards your team's score!

Points mean prizes!

Riding and encouraging others will earn you points, and your points put you in the running for prizes. 

Check out the prizes here!

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Tampa Bay Bike Challenge 2021

March 1st - 31st

Ends in 22 days!

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Tampa Bay Bike Challenge 2021

  • 27 Workplaces
  • 303 Participants
  • 16 New riders
  • 20,795 Miles
  • 1,233 Trips
  • 595 lbs CO2

Tampa Bay, FL All time stats

  • 102 Workplaces
  • 1,383 People
  • 225 New riders
  • 1,395,714 Miles
  • 66,665 Rides
  • 48,946 lbs CO2
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