Let's Ride! 

The 2019 National Bike Challenge is a nationwide event that unites thousands of new and existing bicyclists across the country in friendly competition designed to celebrate and encourage biking.

We want all existing riders and new riders to show their support for a bike-friendly USA and join the Challenge. Let's create a happier, healthier world! Let's get more people riding and smiling!

What and when?

From May 1st - September 30th, registered individuals and social teams can compete for free throughout the challenge for top spots on the NBC leaderboards.  

We're also running two, month-long workplace challenges in May and September where businesses can compete for top spots on the business and industry leaderboards. Organizations compete with other organizations in the same size category.

Who can take part?


Why take part?

There are a bike load of reasons to participate:

  1. Achieve your cycling goals - Use the Challenge as motivation to enjoy riding more. Set goals, earn badges, cheer each other on, enjoy some friendly rivalry with your friends, neighbors, and colleagues
  2. You want a bike friendly world – Show your support for biking and a healthier, happier world
  3. Win prizes! - We've got some great prizes that you can win by participating
  4. Compete on leaderboards - if a little friendly competition gets your motor-running/legs-crankings, then we have a host of leaderboards for you to enjoy
  5. Enjoy building community - connect with your friends, co-workers and fellow riders. Share your stories and your photos and encourage each other to enjoy riding
  6. Let's get more people riding and smiling - your participation helps to show how many people ride, and you can also encourage non-riding friends and co-workers to get back on a bike. More people riding helps to get biking infrastructure built and helps our communities become more bike friendly 

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How can I take part?

  1. As an individual
  2. As a team (group of friends, social riding group, cycling club, etc)
  3. As a workplace
  4. As part of your state / local area
  5. All of the above :-)


The National Bike Challenge runs May through September. 

We've also got two month-long 'workplace vs workplace challenges' - one in May and the other in September. Read more about workplaces here.

Individuals, teams of friends/clubs, States, etc will compete every month and through the whole 5-month riding season on the various leaderboards.

Improvements / changes from last year

Interested in hearing about the improvements we've made from last year? 

Read about changes to team size etc here.


A little competitive? 

Check out the leaderboards we will have available this year


Check out all the great prizes you can win here!

Every time you ride your bike is another entry into the prize drawing!


You can use one of the following apps:

  • Strava
  • MapMyRide
  • Endomondo
  • The Love to Ride app

Register or log in to connect an app.

More on apps here.

You can also log your rides manually. This is quick to do on your profile.    

Website Improvements

We've made some nice upgrades to the Love to Ride website, including:

Stats graphs

You can now generate and view graphs of your riding over time. 


You can now read other peoples stories and share your own - see stories here.

Industry rankings

Companies now compete on industry leaderboards. Will your company win in your industry either in your state or nationally or globally?!


You can now have multiple goals at the same time, e.g. "Ride 2,000 miles in 2019" and "Ride 333 miles in May"

Who’s running the Challenge

Love to Ride and the League of American Bicyclists are joining forces to bring you the National Bike Challenge. Read more about the organizations behind the Challenge here.

A tool for encouraging riding

We know that riding a bike has tremendous benefits and that the best way to realize those benefits is to get on a bike. So we provide the incentives, tools and support to help you and your friends, colleagues, and family to start riding, or to ride more often, and experience the joys and benefits of bicycling firsthand.

Love to Ride offers a single platform where you can keep track of your riding, find answers and resources to help you ride more confidently, win prizes for riding, and to encourage your friends and colleagues to ride (and win prizes for that too).

Help us spread the love of bicycling by combining our platform and programs with your enthusiasm for biking.

Feedback to improve the Challenge

You can provide feedback, ideas and suggestions to help us improve the Challenge here.

Got more questions?

Check out the FAQ - National Bike Challenge

Check out the Website FAQ

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Event status

Now complete!


Cycle September USA

  • 0 Organizations
  • 69 Participants
  • 0 New riders
  • 7,028 Miles
  • 552 Trips
  • 148 lbs CO2

Cycle September USA stats

  • 278 Organizations
  • 21,949 Participants
  • 1,203 New riders
  • 4,021,551 Miles
  • 283,471 Trips
  • 492,444 lbs CO2

USA All time stats

  • 8,655 Organizations
  • 250,902 People
  • 55,980 New riders
  • 176,811,155 Miles
  • 15,966,839 Rides
  • 9,634 lbs CO2
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