Whether you are riding a bike, skateboard or scooter, driving a car, or walking - please be follow these guidelines, but mostly: be KIND and COURTEOUS! 

Let's all enjoy being outside and getting some exercise in Tahoe.

        Bike safe, Tahoe

Biking on a road:

  • Bike the same direction with traffic
  • Be visible: use lights, reflectors and bright clothing
  • Be courteous, bike single file and on the right
  • Obey all traffic laws
  • Obey all signs & signals hand signal your intentions

Biking on a path:

  • Share the bike path with other users
  • Bike on the right
  • Pass slowly on the left
  • Bike at an appropriate speed
  • Be kind

Click here for even more tips from the Bike Coalition

Plan your Route

Tahoe online bike map   To travel safely around Tahoe, check out our interactive, online bike map

Built and vetted by the Bike Coalition. You can also pick up the paper version at bike shops and visitors centers all around the Lake. 

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Cycle September USA

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  • 69 Participants
  • 0 New riders
  • 7,028 Miles
  • 552 Trips
  • 148 lbs CO2

Cycle September USA stats

  • 278 Organizations
  • 21,949 Participants
  • 1,203 New riders
  • 4,021,551 Miles
  • 283,471 Trips
  • 492,444 lbs CO2

USA All time stats

  • 8,653 Organizations
  • 250,898 People
  • 55,980 New riders
  • 176,810,034 Miles
  • 15,966,642 Rides
  • 9,634 lbs CO2
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