How It Works

What is the Tahoe Bike Challenge?

The Tahoe Bike Challenge happens annually around Tahoe throughout June.  It's a fun and free competition to encourage your friends and colleagues to experience firsthand the joys and benefits of riding a bike anywhere and any time. There are lots of fantastic prizes to tempt your team; check them out here!

How it works

  • You and your friends compete against other teams of up to 10 people
  • The aim is to earn the most points.
  • Points are earned by:
    • riding
    • and getting other people to ride too.
  • You can ride anywhere, anytime between June 1 - 30 to take part.

The Challenge is not just about who can ride the most miles, but also who can encourage the most people to give bicycling a try.

*New riders are those of us who haven't ridden or only ridden a few times in the past year


You and your team earn points as follows:

Individual Points

You earn points by riding and encouraging** others to ride as per above.

The more points you earn... the bigger the bragging rights!

Team Points

Your team earns points for all the people you get to join your team and all the riding you all do. That means you get a team total of everyone's day, distance, and encourager points**. It's that simple - just tally everyone's riding and encouraging together to see who is on top!

**How I do earn encourager points? It's easy! When someone logs a ride in the Challenge via the website, a little box will open that asks if someone encouraged them to ride. If they type in your name and select you from the list, you get points for encouraging them to ride! This box will open the first 3 trips you log 'manually' via the website, or it can be triggered for your next ride at any time via the 'add an encourager' button on your profile page.

What are the benefits of participating?

  • Free for everyone
  • Loads of pedal powered comaraderie
  • The spirit of friendly competition
  • Help reduce congestion, emissions, and save people money
  • Bragging rights. Period. (and maybe some cool prizes too...)

How to take part

Follow these four steps:

  • Register on this website, it's free. Register here
  • Ready your bike to roll with this video from TRPA and the Tahoe Bike Coalition. 
  • Ride a bike anywhere, anytime for at least 10 minutes between between June 1 and June 30, 2021.
  • Record your ride here and tell your friends and coworkers about the Challenge here.
  • Reward yourself and your friends by winning prizes!

Interested in getting your whole company on board?  Learn more here.

Got more questions?

Read our Frequently Asked Questions.

Tahoe All time stats

  • 59 Workplaces
  • 842 People
  • 147 New riders
  • 467,665 Miles
  • 38,464 Rides
  • 26,785 lb CO2
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