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Join us to get more people on bikes!

Love to Ride Slough is an exciting new platform to get more people on bikes. We're running a year-round programme of fun events, free to everyone who lives or works in Slough, with prizes for riding and encouraging others!

Register here, enjoy a ride and record it on your profile to see what Love to Ride is all about. Join us for Cycle September 2019- the Global Bike Challenge, and boost your commute, have fun with colleagues, and compete with other organisations around Slough! 

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Event status

Now complete!

Cycle September UK

  • 21 Organisations
  • 137 Participants
  • 18 New riders
  • 14,794 Miles
  • 1,178 Trips
  • 3,111 lbs CO2

Cycle September UK stats

  • 1,539 Organisations
  • 26,939 Participants
  • 1,872 New riders
  • 4,051,663 Miles
  • 362,854 Trips
  • 887,791 lbs CO2

Slough all time stats

  • 31 Organisations
  • 387 People
  • 95 New riders
  • 85,457 Miles
  • 7,074 Rides
  • 19,305 lbs CO2


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